Know More About Fashion Hair Styles

Our tresses are known as our crowning glory for a reason. If our hair looks horrible, so do we and in the process of deciding how we want to wear our hair we often find ourselves wondering what fashion dictates. We always want to be on point with regards to fashion in general and a great hairstyle can successfully pull us into the new century. 2016 had a few very successful hairstyles that made people sit up and take notice. I have listed just a few below.

Pixie cut – This style has been on trend for quite a while now and doesn’t show any signs of going anywhere. They are worn in an array of colors to make it a style that has loads of different variations. It suits many different types of looks and can be worn in any setting. It does look best on an oval face and with coarser hair.

Pin up hairstyles – These styles are more often chosen for a formal evening setting but can be useful in many different situations. This one suits anybody if it is done correctly. Vintage keeps recurring and every now and again the up do returns in all its classic glory to adorn an array of crowns.

Updated mod crop – This short hairstyle suits any face shape but works best with fine to medium textured hair. It can be worn as is or with a funky headband to add an accent.

90s Bob love – This modernized take on the classic bob offers a clip away fringe and ends that seem shattered. Medium to thick hair is great for this style and it suits most face shapes.

Lava lob – A different take on the long bob that is colored a deep red and suits most face shapes. A barrette can only do it justice.

Golden apricot crop – Stylish yet gentle, this style can be worn for an array of settings and gives an angelic look to the wearer. Oval, heart shaped and round faces wear this one the best.

 And for the boys:

The comb over – No, not the old man kind that covers a bald spot but rather the stylish cut that places the hair to one side of the head while the other is left bare. This versatile style is a perfect fit for any man but rather choose something simpler for young boys that are not yet feeling and propping their hair constantly as it takes a good swipe every now and then to keep this style in check.

In the end what you choose needs to be something that you can pull off and that makes you feel comfortable. A huge factor in what your hairstyle needs to be is the kind of work you do. For instance you will not rock a punk style if you have a corporate job so take that into account when choosing what to make of your tresses but at Boon Models the guys and girls are experts at what’s on trend and what’s not.

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