Know How to Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Buying a whole new wardrobe is often not in our budget so how do we achieve a new style without breaking the bank because let’s face it, when we change our styles we want to change everything. The good news is that an item’s style doesn’t lie so much in its design but more in how it is worn. For this reason you can create a whole new wardrobe with the addition of a few key items.

  • Faux fur doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so getting yourself a piece will ensure you have a go-to for quite a few years to come. A stole or scarf in faux fur is ideal to add some fluff to any outfit.
  • Skin tight leather pants are leaving deep footprints in the fashion world and the versatility of these pants mean that you can wear it on a night out or in the corporate world, depending on what you pair it with, of course.
  • Instead of always wearing your Oxford blouse – with everything – rather ad something silky. Big bow neckline blouses are making a comeback and you’ll do well to add one to your wardrobe. They are usually shaped around the waste which allows you to leave it untucked for a more casual look.
  • Instead of opting for the boring old blue and black skinny jean, rather choose exciting shades like turmeric, paprika and saffron. These spicy hues can add a bit of surprise to your well-known wardrobe.
  • Instead of wearing a dainty necklace that may easily be missed, consider wearing a bold neckpiece that cannot be looked over. A bolder piece will make its own statement when paired with crew- or turtleneck tops.
  • One thing that you can be sure of is that metallics are here and they are making waves. Be sure you have at least one metallic item to brighten up any of your favorite outfits.
  • A marvel of the modern fashion world must be shoe clips. These portable decorations can simply be clipped to your shoes to turn it from plain to eye catching. Wear the same shoes from work to a night on the town and look amazing doing it too.
  • Add a touch of color to an otherwise drab outfit by incorporating a brightly colored pair of boots. Boots are hot, always, and if you get the perfect shade to draw attention you could easily let go of an old favorite to replace it with a pair of nectarine or teal beauties.
  • Investing in a piece that you will be able to wear for years to come is sure to save you some cash in the long run. Something in an animal print will do as it has proven to be truly timeless.

You need just look around to see the myriads of little changes that could turn your entire wardrobe around and few places inspire change as much as sites like where their stunning guys and girls are always on trend which means you will get some great ideas there.

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