Know How to Dress For a First Date

You have had your eye on this guy like, forever and he just asked you out, at last. Then you start panicking anew. What will you wear? You want him to like what he sees but not so much that he starts thinking that you are ‘that’ kind of girl. How do you dress to impress?

  • With regards to your color, if you just don’t know what suits you a great color for most is red. It was also shown that men see red as the sexiest color on women. If you are not into wearing all red you could mix it up. Opt for a red skirt with black top or vice versa. If you are more of a conservative dresser a pop of red lipstick may be sufficient.


  • Wearing a summer dress made from a soft and light fabric will lend a femininity that is still flirtatious which is always a good thing. You will seem more approachable. Soft summer dresses paired with a chambray or denim top and ankle boots will go a long way in getting the effect you want.


  • Wearing gorgeous heels with your dress of choice can make it very clear that you are ready for some fun and a night on the town.


  • Nobody knows your body and what looks good on it like you do. Take advantage of this by really getting to know what suits you best. Experimenting with a new trend you never tried before is definitely not something you need to do on a first date. Stay with the old faithfulls you know works best. If you have great legs wear something that focusses attention on them. Similarly accentuate the other parts of your anatomy you think is great.


  • Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Confidence is the best thing you could wear to your first date even if it comes in the form of a shaggy pair of jeans. Dress it up with the right accessories and top and you’ll be the picture of confidence without trying too hard.


  • You need to have a grab and go pair of heels that make you look and feel equally amazing. Heels have the ability to make anything seem a bit less casual so wear them every time you are in doubt about what to adorn your feet with. If you will be walking quite a bit on your date, never buy new heels. We all know how murderous it is to break in new heels and the last thing you need is unsightly, painful blisters spoiling your fun. Those thoroughly worn wedges or pumps that lay forgotten in the back of your closet may be ideal with the outfit you are planning.


  • Never overdo your makeup. Focus on one of your features, the best one and highlight that. If you are doing a red lipstick as mentioned above, keep the eyes a bit more natural. If your eyes are your best asset focus on them without all the false lashes etc.

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