Know About the Most Fabulous Coats for Every Age

We have all heard the little piece of advice that we need to dress for our age and this is one we need to follow (mostly). Just imagine if an 80 year old lady tried to dress like a Boon Models girl in her twenties. It will just not work. In this article I’ll give you a few pointers about the best coats to wear at any age.

  • Terrible 20s

Wearing something plush and pink will complement your youth and is the girliest of girly things you could possibly wear. You don’t need to wear all pink. Wear white with it. This way it waters down the color just a tad to keep you from looking entirely Barbie obsessed.

  • Dirty 30s

At this age you’ll do well to opt for a brocade coat that reaches down to the knee. You can wear any color and having your coat tailored will ensure it fits well around all curves.

  • Naughty 40s

A hooded utilitarian parka will suit you well and you could adjust the length and style. Make it your own by adding accessories that are totally you.

  • Frisky 50s

An animal print coat is a timeless essential that you could incorporate into any outfit. It suits the more mature. All animal prints makes a big impression whether you prefer zebra, leopard, tiger or another type.

  • Feisty 60s

A classic, traditional overcoat is the go to for this age group and aptly so. Any plaid print will work here but be sure to wear it with matching pieces. It flatters any figure and hides those things we may not necessarily want the world to see. A feminine blouse will do wonders for softening the lines which may look a bit masculine.

  • Seventy all the way to eleventy

A leather trench coat is all the rage in this group but never fret, you do not have to look like a bag lady. There are a myriad of styles cuts and colors that looks just amazing on any silhouette. You can even go glossy with a furry neckline to completely eliminate the bag lady look. Rather think British queen with a tad more…fun(?).

In the end these are just guidelines of coats that suit your age but you need to feel at home in your own clothes. If you are not sure if you pull a look off or not, take a long hard look at yourself in a full length mirror, go for a walk, come back and look again. If you feel good in it and you look good in it then you flaunt it. Many will tell you that the rules for looking good are cut and dried but that is just not so. There are many things that influence how an item will suit you. They include coloring, length, personality, weight, age (both your real age and the age that you look) and to a certain extent even your career. Some ladies carry their years very well and can pull of a twenties look well in to their thirties.

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