Keeping You Body ‘Clean and Lean’

It’s always the same story in life. Whether you’re a model, stylist, photographer, agent… we’re all searching for the perfect way to keep ourselves fit and healthy without having to be constantly miserable. And of course we all know that a good amount of exercise is always involved in any recommendation, but what about our diets? Some of us can end up going through life struggling with this constantly but thanks to James Duigan – personal trainer to the stars – there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s fair to say that James’s revolutionary concept Clean and Lean , is not solely a diet but more of an all-round way of life that can be taken on and lived happily in many different variations. Furthermore, with Elle Macpherson being his number one client, it’s not hard to see why modeling agencies in New York, LA and the rest of the country are turning to James to give their clients (and even themselves) guidance for their exercise regimes and eating habits.

The great thing about James Duigan is that his primary claim is that he wants us all to be happy within ourselves (not miserable crying into a bowl of ice cream at 1 am when we fall off the diet wagon), but, as with most diets, he is very honest about the fact that this comes with some considerable lifestyle adjustments, especially if you are anything like me and can’t imagine life without caffeinated drinks. Then there is also the not-so-minor issue of cutting out alcohol, salt and the dreaded monster, sugar.

This may sound extreme – it certainly did to me – but it isn’t quite as hard as you might think. You are actually allowed one coffee a day but the challenge is more about cutting that added heaped teaspoon of sugar. James makes it very clear in his book that sugar and salt are the reasons for our little paunchy stomachs and that little bit of fat you just can’t seem to shift on your legs and arms. Therefore, his idea is that if you simply cut these products out of your life and replace with organically produced goods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and rich-in-protein meats, then technically the weight should fall right off. And whilst this diet may not be everyone’s idea of a comfortable way of life, if you are able to make the necessary adjustments, James Duigan is adamant that you will see positive results.

It’s not an easy diet to sum up in one blog-post, I grant you. So I do have to recommend that you take the time to research further before you give it a try. But for now, if you want to give it a test run, James Duigan recommends that you follow the C.R.A.P rule: In Layman’s terms this means cutting out Caffeine, Refined Sugar (sugars from natural unprocessed fruit are ok), Alcohol (sadly, yes, we all need to make a sacrifice somewhere) and last of all Processed Foods. These four are our biggest enemies according to James, but he seems to be a reasonable guy stating that you’re allowed one treat meal a week where you can choose anything you want to feast on. Yes, even pizza is allowed for this one meal. Hallelujah!

So if this seems like a way of life you’d be happy taking on, why not try it out? With the key fashion weeks all in close proximity, many NYC modeling agencies are already on the case recommending it to their clients.

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