Introducing to you: Benefit’s New Roller Lash Mascara

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the make-up miracle-workers over at Benefit San Francisco have released another sensational mascara, which has rather excitingly landed on our desks for testing this week.

Along with many other modeling agencies in New York, here at Boon Models, we are incredibly excited about this product and strongly predict that it is going to be picked up and used by many of the best make-up artists and technicians at New York Fashion Week.

This brand new product, like many other Benefit mascaras before, claims that it can solve all of our lash dilemmas in the blink of an eye (please excuse the pun – I couldn’t resist!). It’s unique selling point is it’s Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush which has apparently been fours years in the making. Ok, Benefit, you’ve got our attention now…

This expertly devised wand incorporates specially designed ‘hooks’ to take hold of the lashes and effectively lift them upwards. Consequently making your eyes look brighter and wider. It also claims to be effective for 12 hours, which makes it another key player in the running for the fashion week shows ahead (there are much more important things to be worrying about than a model’s mascara running!). Aside from being a revolutionary ‘lifting’ product, Benefit also claim that the wand has a ‘super-curling’ effect what can work wonders on your lashes if used on a daily basis. Well isn’t that something.

So what happened when we put the product to the test? I have to say, that I personally noticed that the wand was particularly good at separating and subsequently lifting my lashes. I definitely consider myself a regular victim of ‘clumpy’ lashes, so in my opinion the fact it takes away this stress is, in itself, a redeeming quality of the Roller Lash.

However, my advice to those of you out there who are thinking about trying it is to make sure you practice first. It definitely left me with some noticeable black marks from where I was perhaps being to vigorous with my application. Nonetheless, I am sitting here typing and my mascara is still going strong. The true test will come when these 12-hour + days really start rolling when modeling agencies in NYC and the world alike all start to feel the effects of fashion week.

But in case you’re wondering if I would recommend this product? My answer to this is yes but you’re really the only ones who can find out for yourself by trying it. Everyone’s lash requirements are different after all. But if it is a quick, almost-clean, lifting application you’re after, than today’s your lucky day.

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