Introducing Estée Lauder’s ‘Little Black Primer™’

Like many of the other top modeling agencies in New York, here at Boon Models we love it when a new product arrives on our desks. Therefore, we couldn’t wait to share with you the revolutionary new primer from Estée Lauder that promises to be the next ‘little black dress’ of our make-up bags. This is quite a claim, I think you’ll agree, so let us tell you a little more about the ‘Little Black Primer’.

This product is made specifically for our eyelashes and promises to improve their length and volume with a ‘patent-pending’ formula that has yet to be announced. Well, that certainly casts an air of mystery around the product, which is always a great marketing tool, but perhaps the main aspect they have in their favor is their brand ambassador Kendall Jenner and the sizable promise that you can achieve thicker, silkier lashes, exactly like hers.

Estée Lauder are so confident in their claims, that this primer will not only boost the ‘color and lift’ of your lashes, but also the thickness, that they are letting many people try it for free. Henceforth, they must be pretty sure we’re going to like, that’s all I can say. They even go as far as to suggest trying their ‘3-Step-challenge’ wherein you try out the product on one of your eyes first (before the other), apply a coat of mascara on top (most likely one from Estée Lauder) then post the instantly visible results to your social media accounts quoting the hashtag ‘#LittleBlackPrimer’. This is quite the grand gesture from their marketing team, very much giving us the idea that they’re on to something special.

Another unique aspect of the ‘Little Black Primer’ is that it can apparently be worn in three different ways. The first of these being as a substitute for wearing mascara at all, due to the fact that it is tinted black in order to darken lashes and add definition. Secondly, they suggest that if you are set on wearing mascara, which is no issue, then a topcoat of the ‘Little Black Primer’ will add a long-lasting, waterproof topcoat. Now that is something I would definitely want to hear more about. Lastly, they very much underline the product’s uniqueness as one of the best primer’s out there on the market today. This is apparently down to the exceptional amplification your lashes can achieve in the lengthening and lifting department.

So does this product actually work, I hear you ask? There have certainly been a wide range of pros and cons surrounding it’s chosen approach to publicity. For our part, we are inclined to believe that if you already have relatively well-formed lashes, that only need a slight improvement, then it is the right choice for you. However, if you suffer with very thin lashes that need a lot of sculpting and thickening then you might be advised to test out the free version first before going all out for the big purchase. This, of course, is only our personal opinion because everyone’s genetic make up is different. But the prospect of having an item that can revolutionise our lashes at our disposal is certainly an exciting one.

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