Important Lessons in Party Dressing

Dressing for a party can be a whole lot of fun but if you are not very experienced in doing this it may be a bit daunting to find the outfit that is right for the party you are attending. There are so many factors that determine how something will look on you that it could become quite a duty to choose something that is just right. Something that makes your best friend look like a fairy princess may make you look like a washed out rag and vice versa. Here are a few lessons to keep in mind.

  • The first lesson is that you need to figure out what your preferences are. Some prefer wearing dresses while others like pants. Once you have found what makes you love yourself you can start putting together the details.
  • Block heels are amazing and they can be paired with an array of items that will eliminate the possibility of you ever looking like a court jester. There are different styles too that look great on many different types of feet. They are also very comfy without looking informal.
  • A great little party number can get a brand new lease on life with the simple addition of a striking pair of tights. Do not go overboard though. You need to experiment with this as it can go way wrong if you don’t. Play it safe by going for a neutral color instead of a screaming shade that overpowers all else.
  • In some instances you do not have to wear a heel. These times would be when your outfit itself is so striking that a heel would be overkill. Then you may go flat or low-heel. In cases where you wear something quite simple you will have to drees it up with some killer (on both your feet and the crowds unfortunately) heels.
  • Wearing a monochrome skirt suit always comes across fancy. Such a suit can be dressed up or down depending on the kind of party you will be attending. A suit in suede is even more versatile than its fabric counterpart. Opt for neutral colors which can easily be paired with a wide variety of pieces to get the exact result you are after.

When you have finally decided on the outfit you need to remember that accessories, hair and makeup need to be just as stunningly appropriate as the clothes you will be wearing. Your accessories need to make the outfit shine or dull down a bit depending on the type of party and what the outfit end result is. This includes jewelry, shoes and handbag. With regards to hair, you know what suits you best so you do you. Just make sure it is fabulous. Your makeup needs to focus on your best asset and bring that to the fore. Never accentuate both lips and eyes. This is a game of either or. If you have amazing eyes and lips you need to pick one to highlight at a time or it may be too much.

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