Importance of Comp Cards


Lets talk about Comp Cards. What is a comp card?

Any model who is looking for a job at modeling agencies in New York should know that a comp card (composite) or zeta card is the most important asset to have, in order to leave that long lasting impression. 

Besides your looks or an actual first impression, a comp card is the most important deciding factor. If your comp card looks professional, it will send a message that you are serious about what you do. Not only will it show that you have professionalism, it will show off your creativity as well. A comp card will have the best pictures of you as well as your statistics, like height, waist-hips-bust size as well as shoe size, eye color, and hair color.  Add in your contact information like phone number and email and be sure that the font is clear and visible. For example don’t use black font on a photo of you in a black sweater. 

Your comp card should be double sided. What many do not know is that modeling agencies recommend to have a total of 5 images per comp card. The front side should have your best head shot, that is full width of the card as well as your name and contact information. While the reverse portion should contain your statistics and 4 other photos.  There are some comp cards that will have the name written across the image, if this is the case for your comp card be sure to choose a color or font that will match the photo on your comp card. Stay away from any hard to read fonts and fluorescent colors. 

The best chance to impress modeling agencies in DC or any other location for that matter are to have a great head shot on your comp card. Be sure that your image is high quality, not excessively photoshopped as well as printed properly. Avoid having a lot of make-up on, as well as fashion accessories, and graphics. Stay away from photo filters like sepia. The true purpose of a head shot is to allow an agency to see your natural beauty. No agency likes to get that huge surprise when their model doesn’t look like the person on the comp card. 

When it comes to the back of your comp card, it should have pictures of you modeling. The photos should contain the categories of modeling that you are interested in. If you plan to do high fashion modeling, then you need a runway photo, if you want to do swim suit modeling, then contain a photo of you in a swim suit , fashion modeling is the same way. Add in a fashion photo and be sure to include a full size picture. The idea of the variety of photos is to allow agencies to see your talent range of the modeling you want to do. 

An example of this is you trying to convince a fashion designer to hire you for their new clothing line and all you are wearing in your photos are a white t-shirt. These photos will allow you to have an opportunity to show off your talent range to any potential clients. Remember, variety is the key and your head shot information too. 

Use this information and find the assignment of your life.


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