Importance of Boots Every Woman Should Know

Boots, Boots, Boots. We may love them or we may hate them (who does) but the fact remains they look absolutely awesome when paired with the right outfit. A sexy little number could look even hotter with the addition of an over-the-knee boot while a corporate outfit gains a bit of edge with an ankle boot. Whatever the outfit or occasion, there is a boot to match. In this article I will talk about a few essential boot types and why they are important.

  • A pointed ankle boot is one that may be considered more for the thinking lady but it works with a huge variety of outfits which is what makes it important. As long as the color suits the outfit and the heel is a highish one you are okay. It could be a stiletto heel or a slightly thicker heel, as long as it is at least two inches high it will make an impact. It is the best thing to replace your favorite pumps with when the weather turns cooler.
  • A boot with a heel that looks somewhat chunkier is great in neutral colors. They are the kind that is considered important because they allow the wearer to walk quite long distances in a higher level of comfort than is possible in a thinner heel. It supports the ankle better which allows for better foot placement, even if it boasts a higher heel.
  • The moto boot is one that makes a statement and the one you have has to be in black with the objective of having some hardware attached. These flat boots are also great for taking a walk and lends great comfort due to the fact that it is mostly totally flat (but also comes in a chunky heel or platform) which puts the foot in a more natural pose.
  • An over-the-knee boot makes even the stubbiest of legs look elongated and slimmer, an extremely important factor for us shorties. It screams sex appeal and is just an amazing addition to most outfits. They are of cardinal importance where a bit of sexiness is needed.
  • Boots that reach mid-calf looks cute on many different body types and it is important because of the simple fact that they look amazing with skinny jeans. Tucking your pants is a cinch with these babies.
  • Another absolute must have is the knee-high boot. In the winter months you can pair it with your favorite skirt or knee shorts to ensure you remain toasty while wearing your all-time preferred outfits you usually just wear in summer.
  • A new trend is the sock boot that fits snugly. Because it combines a sock and a boot wearing socks isn’t mandatory. It is usually made from suede or other soft kinds of leather but could also be made from fabric. They keep you warm while not being too bulky.

These are the types you’ll find in my cupboard and I never wonder which boots to pull on as each outfit has its best fit in boots which is instantly obvious.

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