How to Style Flats: Part 3 – The Sneaker

Our recent features have seen us looking into the various flat shoe options that we have available to us for the almighty Fashion Weeks. Furthermore, with its inclusion in some very high profile designer collections such as Chanel’s Fashion Supermarket 2014 alongside regular appearances in DKNY campaigns, the sneaker is very much making a comeback. Therefore, here at Boon Models (one of the top NYC, Tampa and DC modeling agencies) we are here to tell you that sneakers represent the epitome of Fashion Week street style and you should not be afraid to add their ‘sports luxe’ magic to your chosen outfits.

Even though they are gaining more and more exposure on the fashion scene, sneakers are probably the hardest of all the flat footwear to style up so here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Sneakers and… a Long / Midi Skirt

Ok so we don’t mean the whole ‘Lily Allen’ nine yards here but the slightly more dramatic touch of a longer skirt adds an air of femininity and keeps the outfit balanced. If you want to add a pair of shades to this then you’ll be following in the footsteps of fashion experts across the world.

2. Sneakers and… a Blazer / Suit Jacket

The art of dressing sneakers lies completely in a balancing act between ‘laid back’ and ‘dressed up’. Therefore, the blazer or suit jacket is perfect for adding that necessary edge to your sneakers, especially if you’re planning to flaunt them at any Fashion Week.

3. Sneakers and… Jeans

You have to be really careful with this one as the addition of jeans has the danger to make this look a bit too ‘dressed down’. However, it is totally doable if you make sure that you have a statement jacket that will ramp up the styling a bit more. There’s that balancing act again.

4. Sneakers and… Tailored Shorts

And when we say tailored shorts you should really aim to get these as close to the knee as possible – almost bordering on culottes, which have been recognised as a major fashion statement in the last year thanks to Alexander Wang. If you have mastered this look with a carefully chosen formal shirt and jacket then our work here is done.

5. Sneakers and… a Long Smart (Possibly Tailored) Coat

If ever there was a perfect balance for sneakers it is the long coat or jacket that was again so perfectly displayed on the Chanel runway last year. If you want to keep your ankles on display with some cropped trousers or a skirt then feel free as your long coat is the backbone of balanced stability for this outfit and comes highly recommended in the style stakes too.

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