How to Style Flats: Part 2 – The Ballet Pump

In our previous article we took a closer look at the biker boot and how it can be the ultimate saviour for New York Fashion Week.Here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC, DC and Tampa modeling agencies) we are always keen to underline that fashion doesn’t have to equal being uncomfortable. Therefore, we are here to let you know that there is another trusted flat shoe option to help you on your frantic journey running around the city and that is ‘the ballet pump’.

The ballet pump is another footwear staple that has really come into its own in recent years thanks to celebrities like Alexa Chung rocking the ever-so-stylish Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats at various red carpet events. Their chic gamine quality adds a delicate touch to pretty much any outfit, provided that you’ve styled them the right way. We must admit that they don’t provide the same warmth as your trusted pair of biker boots, but if you’re feeling brave your feet will warm up from all the running around anyway.

So here goes…

1. Ballet Pumps and… a Mini Skirt (paired with black pantyhose if it’s really cold)

This look epitomises femininity fantastically, whilst at the same time adding a modern twist. Not to mention the fact it is incredibly slimming on the legs. If you’re able to incorporate some print in there too you’re onto a winner.

2. Ballet Pumps and… a Tailored Coat or Jacket

This suggestion adds a bit more of a formal touch to the look, which is fantastic for Fashion Week. Alternatively if you don’t wish to go for the tailored look you can adopt the approach of celebrities such as Emma Watson who are big fans of the classic Burberry trench coat which also looks great with flat pumps.

3. Ballet Pumps and… Faux Fur

Any kind of faux fur is so in this season with most fashionistas opting for an oversized jacket or jumper of some kind, which is in turn evened out by their pumps. However, if you feel like taking more of a Carrie Bradshaw approach you could opt for a faux fur skirt to really make you stand out.

4. Ballet Pumps and… Overalls

Basically, the uniform of the up-to-the-minute modern style maven; overalls (especially sleek black ones) matched with flat shoes could not be more stylish right now. A pair of super cool shades is an absolute bonus too. Who cares about the cold, right?

5. Ballet Pumps and… Shorts and a Shirt

Ok, if it is a cold day then this option isn’t for the faint hearted but adapts very well into an evening outfit which means you won’t have to find a place to change into something more party-appropriate. More time for networking!

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