How to Shrink Your Waist

There are many fad diets and useless workout duds that promise to help you lose inches around the waste in as little as 5 minutes a day to name one example. If you have any sense you would ignore these bogus products entirely and rather do what the guys and girls at Boon Models do. They work out sufficiently while only consuming enough calories to cover their activity level. Anything more than that is indulgence and if we guard against that we will see the inches disappear.

You need to know that this is not an easy feat especially for those who fall under the Type A blood group. The blood type diet has been the source of a lot of controversy but one thing that rings true is that this blood type is prone to weight gain because of the excessive production of cortisol in their bodies. This hormone is produced when we are stressed, something blood Type A’s are known to do way too often. In this article I aim to teach you more about attaining that desired flat tummy we are all after.

Caloric Intake vs. Exercise

If you are to lose your excess baggage you need to consume calories at a deficit. This means you should eat less than you expend. Just to stay alive the body uses a huge amount of calories but exercise doesn’t do such a great job. This is why we need to exercise so much to see small results. The experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This translates into 30 minutes per day every weekday. Great exercises for weight loss include walking, running, aerobics, swimming and cycling. These are the ones people use most but be aware that there are many other cardio types that will be equally effective if not better. Apart from cardio you will also see the benefits when practicing crunches and side bends. This happens because it tones the muscles that lay underneath the layer of flab. If you tone them while you slim down you will see them the minute the fat layer becomes thin enough.

Eating the Right Kinds of Food

Apart from keeping an eye on how much we eat, we also need to eat the right kinds of food to help keep our bodies healthy. Losing belly fat goes hand in hand with being healthy. The kinds of foods that are notorious for their ability to increase belly fat include refined carbohydrates, trans fats and high fat meats. The culprits we most often enjoy here include sausages, bacon, pasta, bread, sweets and fried foods. Great replacement foods include fruit and vegetables, nuts, poultry, fish and lean meats. For those sweet cravings rather reach for yoghurt and frozen yoghurt. Salt is also responsible for us gaining gut inches. The best oils to use (yes, you do need good fats too) are olive oil and safflower oil. Nuts, seeds and avo also count as good fats so you’ll do well to enjoy them (in moderation).

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