How to Make Your Lipstick Last for Longer

With NewYork Fashion Week now in full swing,  you would be forgiven for letting a few things slip through the net i.e not eating at regular times, not getting enough sleep… But letting your make-up standards slip is simply not acceptable, especially with the  amount of people you’ll be wanting to impress. Therefore, Boon Models (on of the top NYC modeling agencies of the moment) have put together for you a list of pointers for you to stop your lipstick smudging and rubbing off within twenty minutes – especially with the amount of air kisses that will be going on… On that note, we must reiterate once again, do not actually kiss people on the cheek when you greet them. They won’t thank you for the mark you leave, and you certainly won’t thank yourself from rubbing off all the hard work you’ve put in  to applying it

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Tip #1 – Dedicate some time to your lips’ health

By this we mean: take the time for the next few weeks to consciously apply chaptick or ‘lip balm’ to your lips whenever you’re not wearing lipstick. As we’ve said in previous articles, most lip protectors contain SPF and add valid moisture that is so easily lost in the cold weather.

Tip #2 – When you come to apply, swap the chapstick for a primer

Going back on tip #1 slightly here, it is essential that when you actually come to apply your lipstick that you make sure there are no residual oils left from your chapstick. Therefore, you should either wipe your lips clean or not apply your chapstick for an hour beforehand.

Lip primers are specifically designed to go underneath your lipstick and will give the sensitive skin on your lips notable protection, whilst also forming a great base.

Tip #3 – Experiment with your lip pencil

You may or may not be aware of the ‘lipgate’ headlines in the press surrounding Kylie Jenner, but it basically dances back and forth between whether or not she’s had surgery on her lips. She and her sisters claim not and say it is actually the handy-work of a lip pencil.

Whether Kylie is telling the truth or not, you can definitely take on this way of thinking by applying a whole layer of your chosen pencil to your lips before applying the lipstick itself.

This adds a noticeable solidity to the overall color you’ve chosen and can even make your chosen color last up to ten times longer.

Tip #4 – Choose a specifically stated ‘long lasting’ lipstick formula

It definitely helps if you go with a brand that has given the ‘long-lasting’ idea some thought. You will often find ingredients such as silicone, mainly in matte shades, last for a longer time but there are now so many options that it is worth speaking to your local make-up counter assistant.

Tip #5 – Blot Blot Blot

This is definitely something we’ve mentioned in previous articles but it really does seem to be the trick of the industry: blot and reapply.

The best way to do this is to apply your lipstick then reach for a tissue, put it between your lips and gently close your mouth on it (not too hard). Repeat this at least two times and you should be all set.

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