How to Make the Most of Your Liquid Eyeliner

It’s one of our most trusted tools, taking its place firmly in all of our make-up bags. Oh yes, the eyeliner is our cosmetic staple that holds the ability to take our looks from 1 all the way up to 100 with just one flick. And with New York Fashion Week on the horizon and all of the top NYC modeling agencies getting their girls in order, here at Boon Models we are here to tell you that statement eyeliner is an absolute ‘must’ for this season and here are just a few of the ways you can wear it, as advised by our resident experts:

The Classic Eyeliner Flick

Any fashionista worth their salt is going to want to learn how to do the classic eyeliner flick, which has the power to turn you into Bridget Bardot in one simple movement.

This process will be a whole lot easier if you invest in a liquid liner with a solid tip for application. You must then place the thinnest part of the tip on your upper lash line and glide outwards in the direction of the temple. The trick here is to release the pressure as you meet the outer part of your eye socket, hence creating a flick in the corner of your eyes.

Believe me, if you get this nailed you will barely need to worry about the rest of your make-up – your upper lash line will be the focus of everyone’s attention.

The Dramatic Wing

This technique takes on an altogether more daring approach to your eyeliner application. The good part is that if you’ve got the classic flick nailed then you’re onto a good start because you’ll need to do this first. Then once you’ve established your flick, you’re going to need to add a whole lot more drama to it by drawing directly across to create the effect of a bold straight line. If you want a really sharp pointed end to the flick then you should try twisting your eyeliner around at the tip.

This look is without a doubt an undeniable showstopper if you can pull it off, which we have every faith that you can.

The Understated Liner

In true seventies style, the lower lash is definitely making a comeback. And as we’ve previously stated, so is the look of the glossy top lid. Therefore, along with your trusty liquid eyeliner, you should also have a delicate barely-there pink cream eye shadow at the ready to be smoothed ever and then dabbed with a thin layer of gloss to make it set. Then, quickly and precisely outline the bottom lash line with your liner, making very sure that you add a thicker definition towards the outer corner. Your eyes will appear wider in no time.

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