How to make a stunning portfolio

A model without a portfolio is like a marine without his ammunition. There is no point in carrying a gun if you cant use it when its needed.

 So many studies conclude that its hard for humans to change their first impression. You might have heard the phrase there is no second chance for first impression, but luckily there is a golden opportunity to make a fantastic first impression as a model, that is an amazing portfolio. A portfolio is the first thing a client or a photographer check before even they want to see the model in person.

So what makes a good portfolio for a model?

That depends. I hope that you have already decided what type of modeling career you want to pursue at this time. If not read Different Type of Modeling article and come back to this article for a better understanding.

If you are a beginner you should have atleast eight to a dozen photographs in your portfolio. All these should be professionally taken photographs. But sometimes you might not have any professionally taken pictures of you, in that case your whole effort should be to find a photographer or a modeling agency and get some portfolio pictures ready.

Get feedback from your friends and dear one after you have some pictures. This is easy, post them on social media websites or sites like and get the best picture out of the collection you have.

Try to understand photography  a little. Read some articles about what makes a good photograph and select your pictures based on the photography rules. This is important because the people looking at your photo are not layman, they understand the rules of photography. A perfect photo means you are working with a professional photographer who knows what he is doing.

Quality of the photo is extremely important. Quality is equated to professionalism and quality pictures means you are serious about this profession.

Even though you aim for eight photographs in the beginning to complete a portfolio, its better to send less than eight photos if you cant meet the standards of the industry. Just one substandard photo will ruin your chance with a client.

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