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Boots are the best. They give a bit of extra length to the short and even give us a sexy stride if we wear the right type. They can be comfortable too and this needs noting due to the fact that most boots are not the most comfy, even if they are warm in cool weather. This is the case for women anyway. With men’s boots you are looking at a more rugged outdoorsy look which is great for an array of guys.

When it comes to choosing the best boots snow boots however we are very limited in choice as they are more focused on function than fashion. There are a few things that you may want to consider when buying them. Below find a list of some things you need to pay attention to.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Snow Boots

  • Be sure that you know exactly what it is that you need. If you are planning vigorous use of the boots outdoors you may need a pair with thick tread that ties tightly to the leg. If you just need to get a pair for those ten minute walks to the shop or short distances during the day etc. you could get some slip on boots.


  • It doesn’t matter what your boots are to be used for, they need to be waterproof. After all, snow is frozen water and ice plus your body heat emitting from the boots equals wet and frosty feet very fast if they’re not waterproof.


  • The boots you buy for all day need to be nice and toasty. It has to keep the heat in and the cold out so you can take on the icy conditions without any fear of getting frostbite. This will keep you comfortable in the coldest of temperatures.


  • Due to snow being very slippery to the point of being hazardous you need to get boots that offers some traction. This will go a long way in keeping you locked onto a spot and not slip sliding away every time you try to stand on a piece of ground slightly angled.


  • Snow boots are known for being quite heavy and although this is due to the many things that make them snow boots you need to check that yours are of high quality while not weighing a ton. Synthetic material boots are much lighter than what we usually get and they still offer great protection against both cold and humidity when you need to go out on a snow day.

These are a few things to look at but if you are looking at the boot you want to wear all day long it is more about the kind of socks you wear. Get the type of sock that keeps your feet dry and adding some talc or powder could help do this too. Another step to keep them dry and odor free is by allowing 24 hours between periods of wearing them if you wear them all day. Boon Models may give you a few ideas about wearing them in style.

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