How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Having the right pieces of dressing for your shape makes it very easy for you to dress. There are three categories through which a woman falls into; these categories include; triangle shape; this are larger at the bottom, hourglass; they have an evenly proportional curvature, the rectangle ones; they are straight up and down and the Circle; thick around the middle. According to the Fashion experts from the Boon Models, we are going to prove you with the ultimate techniques on how to dress up for your body shape. Today we are going to have a look on how to dress the several Body shapes that we have mentioned above.

  • The Circle Shape.

Dressing the circle body shape is that which has got a lot of weight in the stomach or even pregnant. You need to go for the clothes that fit loosely around the midsection. You need to avoid high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops because this is the styles that usually arise the attention of people. Going for the slim-cut pants trims the legs making them take center stage. You can pair them up with the Blousy top or a tunic. Other outfits that you can consider are the Shift dress, Tunic Dress etc.

  • Dressing the Triangles Shaped Bodies.

Having the narrower shoulders and the torso that the hips define the triangle shaped bodies.  When you have such like a body you need to avoid the following styles, oversized sweaters that are shapeless, skinny jeans and parts. Also, Curve-hugging fabrics like the silk are also some of the styles that you need to avoid. You need to go for the Wide-leg pants, Tailored Jacket, and Boatneck Top etc.

  • Dressing your Hourglass Body Shape.

An hourglass body shape is characterized by an ample chest, narrow waist and a full wide shape that are evenly proportional. The following styles are what you need to keep away from; Shapeless or Boxy styles, Over sized cardigans, and the tunics. You need to go for the following styles; high waisted pants, wrap dress, V-Neck tops, Pencil Skirts,etc.

  • Dress Your Triangle Body Shape.

A triangle Body shape is characterized by a little definition at the waist with a straight and up figure. The rectangle figure is usually considered as a boyish figure, but when coupled with the best outfit for the figure then you can look stunning. When you have the Triangle body shape, then the following are the outfits that you should be keeping off: dresses that are tight all over. You need to go for the styles that fit snugly at your middle with a flair out at the bottom. Going for the recommended Boot-Cut Pants is the best option for you to consider. You can also consider the fitted Jackets since they are the better option for you to consider. The feminine tops is also another formidable idea for you to go for. When going for the feminine tops consider the ones with ruffles and wispy sleeves.

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