How to Cut Back on Alcohol… And Still Have Fun!

It is a common misconception that people need alcohol to have a good time (provided you’re over 21 years of age that is!). However, as much as we’re not here to judge if you do enjoy the odd glass of wine here and there, we’re here to tell you that cutting back on alcohol doesn’t have to be the end of the world and actually has significant potential benefits for your health.

At Boon Models and many other modeling agencies in New York, we’re well aware that Fashion Week is fast approaching and with this comes the temptation to go to all of the cool parties and champagne brunches that the designers put on for us. However, seeing as many people often give up alcohol for January (in the aftermath of Christmas) we got to thinking, how about we cut back in the long run? After all, it seems a shame to work so hard avoiding alcohol for the entirety of January only to start it all up again. So here we have put together for you a few suggestions, if you choose to accept them, for ways to cut back on the cocktails:

  1. Keep track

When we do good things in life, most of us want to be rewarded for it. And there is no better way to monitor your progress that to see it first-hand in front of you. Therefore, you should try and keep a diary of how many weeks/days/hours you’ve been alcohol-free (depending on your individual aims). For every milestone you hit you could think about rewarding yourself with something like a new lipstick or mascara. You will be saving money after all, if you’ve cut back that much.

  1. Try new things

There are many times when alcohol can cause anxiety in that we worry that if we go to a bar then we are going to be tempted to drink. So how about suggesting to your friends that you try something different like going to the movies or going for dinner rather than drinks? I’m aware this isn’t always an option if you have a party to go to or something but you’d be surprised how open people can be to trying new stuff once in a while.

  1. Experiment

By this we mean experiment with your taste buds. Alcohol can actually dumb down our perceptions of taste if we drink too much so get to know your palate again and maybe order something you’ve never tried before? The worst thing that can happen is that you won’t like it but at least you can say you’ve broadened your horizons and tried.

  1. Go easy on yourself

We are never going to sit her and advocate beating yourself up over it if you fall off the wagon. This is definitely a trial and error approach and cutting out alcohol certainly isn’t easy for everyone. Therefore, if it turns out you decide to have a drink one night, remember tomorrow is a new day and you should make a point of giving yourself a clean slate.

  1. Sharing is caring

 Tell your friends about what you’re doing. It’s surprising how caring people can be and if you’re really struggling then ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. You will often find that it feels 100 times better to share your burdens or frustrations with others but if you feel that the problem runs a little deeper then you shouldn’t be afraid to make an appointment to discuss it further with your doctor.

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