How to Choose Right Lip Color for Every Fall Look

The effect you need to get from your lipstick varies according to the occasion that it is needed for and if you realize that some events require a bolder look than others you are on the right track. In this article you will learn a few things in this regard.

  • When you are invited to a cocktail party chances are you are frantically looking for the perfect outfit seeing as the cocktail dress is no longer a given and your lip color may end up being popped on after a quick decision once everything else had been taken care of. This could be disastrous. Rather spend a few minutes determining which bold color would be most flattering to you. Just a tip, bold fuchsia is the favorite of many and suits most skin tones.
  • As opposed to the above example, meeting your new boyfriend’s parents will obviously require something a bit more laid back or homely, so to speak. Looking like you belong with their son will require you to wear something subtle like tinted lip-gloss. A delicate pink is the best route to go.
  • At a fashion event like those Boon Models organize you may opt for a color like orange. A fashion event is the ideal opportunity to try out a new fashion trend you like and if you pair this shade with a an outfit that is somewhat more daring than your usual style you may find that it does wonders for your confidence.
  • The look for the corporate office needs to be a bit conservative as a daring color may take away from a professional look. Natural or nude will go down much better than a shade that screams for attention. Keep in mind that this has to be paired with corporate wear if you are to look the part.
  • In a creative office on the other hand you may need a shade of bright red. You will need to keep the rest rather minimalistic but your lips need to stay classic yet trendy while you slave away from nine to five.
  • When you have a date night planned, you want to achieve amazingly kissable lips that still look natural. Choose a shade that appears flirty in a nude.
  • You have been planning a brunch date with the girls and you have no idea what shade will do. The go-to color for more and more ladies in this scenario is berry. With a light sundress and berry lips you are sure to look amazing.
  • If you are just looking for the perfect color to wear with your weekend dress code a pink coloring on the lips is a great idea. It is simple yet elegant with a way to make the wearer look healthy.

These tips are widely utilized but in the end the decision lies with you. You know best about which color suits you best and not all skin tones go with every lipstick hue so be sure to test a variety of colors and then decide for yourself.

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