How to Be A Model – How to Break Into the Modeling Industry

How to Break Into Modeling

An aspiring model who wants to break into the modeling industry can look up to the supermodels and high-paid runway models and dream of achieving success like they have.

While this lifestyle may look glamorous and success quite within reach, someone beginning to pursue a modeling career is not aware of those who have burned out or dropped out of this industry. It is nearly impossible to become a successful model, especially if you treat it as a hobby instead of a career and pursue with all your energy.

Aspiring models in the United States are especially in a unique situation and have to compete with models from around the globe. The American modeling industry is the most coveted and lucrative market in the world, and only the toughest survive.

In order to attract attention of the right people in the industry, you must have a professional portfolio whether you seek out work on your own or work through one of the more popular modeling agencies in NYC or anywhere in America for that matter. These hotbeds of the modeling industry can help you establish your career by helping you perfect your portfolio to target jobs, specific to your style and look. While independent models go through a longer process of trying different looks and avenues, auditioning for jobs that may not be suitable, working with one of these professional modeling agencies in a major city can avoid a lot of pain and desperation.

Above all else, you must know yourself well and understand your body type and which category of modeling you would be suitable for. Looking at yourself objectively will save a lot of time, cash and frustration. Even if you are not very tall, and therefore could not get magazine or runway jobs from the top modeling agencies in NYC, you can still find work in print, showrooms and other types of modeling. Recognize your strengths, identify the market where you would be successful and pursue it until you succeed.

First, should decide whether you should sign with a modeling agency in any of the major metropolitan locations in the United States, or go it alone. Independent models will not only needed to perfect their modeling skills, but will also need to learn the business side of the industry as they work with various photographers, stylists and agents. If you have the time to research modeling calls and assignments, and also the time to attend them without interfering with school or another job, being independent may work for you. It is also important for you to have an additional stream of income so you can still pay your bills if a modeling job does not materialize.

Signing with modeling agencies in NYC or other cities depending upon where you live saves a lot of time and energy. While the agency will take a percentage of your pay, they do all the research, find modeling jobs and market you to them.

If you are serious about breaking into the modeling industry and having a successful career as a model, signing up with modeling agencies in DC, Boon Models have one of our offices in DC or a city closer to your home, can give you the boost you need, the connections you want and the professional assistance that makes breaking into this competitive industry that much easier.


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