Healthy Hangover Cures to keep you going through Fashion Week

It is no secret that, alongside displaying the most up-to-minute designer collections in the world, New York Fashion week also has its fair share of champagne brunches and after parties to be attended. And as much as we would like to play the good role and tell you that it might not be a good idea to drink through this turbulent week, the temptation is always there, especially if you’re a designer launching your first collection – there is definitely an urge to crack open the champagne and celebrate.

Therefore, to try and get a jump on things and curb your hangover before it has a chance to slow you down, Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies) have put together a little list of hangover-fighting foods (and drinks for that matter) that you might not have thought could be your secret rescue remedies…


Yes, it is the majorly obvious answer but nonetheless we must underline just how important it is, seeing as alcohol dehydrates the body. If you’re feeling really dedicated it is strongly advised to drink one small glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. It might sound boring but you’ll definitely thank us in the morning if you follow this pattern, as dehydration is responsible for the vast majority of hangover symptoms such as headaches.


Ok so you’re probably not going to get the opportunity to just ‘eat a tomato’ during the course of Fashion Week, but how about a fresh tomato juice with breakfast? The large amount of vitamin C in tomatoes make them the perfect way to start the day after a night out celebrating and if you can add them as an addition to your lunch then all the better.


Another leaf to consider adding to your lunch – or maybe even a power-juice if you can handle it – spinach is amazingly packed with, not only vitamin C, but folic acid and sulphur too. This makes it an absolute must on the hangover-curing list, even if you have to wait until the evening to have it with dinner.


Ginger is a well-known anti-oxidant, particularly associated with sickness. Therefore, if you have pushed yourself over the edge that bit too far then the anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger are you best shot at calming down your stomach. Ginger ale is an incredibly popular choice and if you’re able to find some ginger tea then all the better. You could even think about adding it to evening meals such as stir frys – that’s if you’ve got time to cook!


Oh how we love our dear friend the banana, getting us out of all kinds of tricky situations! In this instance bananas are amazing at restoring potassium, which is so easily lost when you drink too much alcohol. What’s more, they also help with tiredness and nausea, which are at the forefront of most people’s problems when they’ve had one too many glasses of champagne.

Wholegrain Bread

If you’re anything like me then carbs are the first thing on the wish list if I’m running low on energy or experiencing a dreaded hangover. You will be happy to hear that carbs aren’t necessarily always the enemy and that the wholegrains in brown bread can actually replenish lost B vitamins and give you added energy with the essential fatty acids found in the grains themselves.

Peppermint Tea

Mint tea is one of the all time hangover saviours if you can bring yourself to drink it, due to the fact that it is one of the most reliable digestive aids in the world. It is also great for cleansing your system which is exactly what you need, if you want to feel anywhere near back to normal the day after a night out.

Olive Oil

This is actually something you should try having before heading out for drinks, seeing as it slows down the absorption of alcohol. However, be aware that olive oil loses pretty much all of its goodness once it’s been cooked so you’d be best to stick to it as a dressing for salad or perhaps opt for some fresh olives themselves if you see any on offer on the canapé trays.


Having spoken about the essential fatty acids in wholegrains earlier on, nuts are made up of this same quality but even more of it. Therefore, they are a great snack to keep in your bag to replenish your energy if you feel it is running low.


Another major player on the antioxidant list, models and celebrities apparently swear by this miracle food because it decreases that bloated feeling that alcohol is so widely associated with. Alongside being a great accompaniment for your evening meal, asparagus can also be enjoyed with eggs on a piece of wholegrain toast. A perfect way to start the day in my opinion.


A great option for those of you that suffer with a sweet-tooth craving after those sugary cocktails the night before. Much like our ally the banana, honey contains valued amounts of potassium along with antioxidants to rid the system of alcohol. The best way to enjoy honey is with tea and lemon but if you need more of a kick then it is delicious spread over wholegrain toast.


Yes, that’s right, we do mean the wasabi that you garnish on sushi. This is great news if you are due to go out for lunch or dinner the day after a heavy night out as it stimulates blood circulation and cell oxygenation and therefore helps to get you feeling back to normal quicker.



We thought we’d finish with a classic. Oh yes, there are few of us out there that don’t love our eggs in the morning and this is all the better when you are feeling the effects of a hangover. According to health experts, eggs contain a substance called cysteine, which helps to break down leftover toxins in the blood. Great news, right? So if you’re due a long day out and about at different shows through Fashion Week then it might be worth getting up early and making yourself some delightful eggs over easy before the long day ahead.

So there you have it guys, a pretty comprehensive list of foods to fight the dreaded hangover. And remember, we’re not advocating drinking here, we’re purely acting as the shoulder to cry on if you do… 😉

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