Gigi Hadid Takes on SS15 Seafolly Campaign

She is very much considered ‘the one to watch’ in the industry and modeling agencies in New York and all across the country have coveted Gig Hadid as the next rising star. This is particularly true of late, as February sees her take on a major campaign for Australian swimwear brand Seafolly. And quite frankly, we have to agree that they couldn’t have chosen a better candidate to represent the brand with her flawless tanned skin, long flowing blond hair and legs that appear meters long. This stunning collection of shots – released to the public this week – comes hot on the heels of the recent news that Gigi will be the new face of cosmetic brand Maybelline. Quite the year she’s having, don’t you agree?

So who exactly is this supermodel in the making, Gigi Hadid? Those of you reality TV fans out there will probably already be aware that she is the daughter Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star and former supermodel, Yolanda Foster. Therefore, it’s safe to say that modeling runs in the family. Gigi may also have crossed your radar in the columns of weekly gossip magazines because she also happens to be dating Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson. This proves all the more that supermodels in this day and age don’t just walk on the runway and shoot campaigns, like years go. Oh no, in the twenty-first century supermodels are all-round superstars and almost always dating someone from the acting or music industry.

So back to the campaign itself. Seafolly’s new collection is certainly following a similar path to other designers with a bold and daring approach to their color schemes. The first shot we’re treated to is Gigi walking out of the sea in a bright orange halter bikini, topped off with a gold body chain around her waist. This look is then alternated by the addition of blue shirt and beach shorts to show how it can be paired down in the cool summer evenings. The next set of shots very much display a keen use of tribal-inspired myriad prints, which couldn’t look more perfect on the blue and yellow sparkling background of the beach. Especially seeing as they are bordered with a black outline to accentuate the female figure, as Gigi so spectacularly displays.

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Gigi has to work hard to maintain her figure but the refreshing thing about her is that – much like our very own Shannon O’Brien – has a really healthy approach to her appearance, stating that she would rather leave the modeling profession entirely than put her health at risk from becoming too ‘skinny’.

Her inspired approach towards body shape and incredible work ethic are just a couple of many reasons why modeling agencies in New York, LA and the world over will be keeping their eyes on Gigi. And here at Boon Models we definitely wish her all the best for the year, which I think you’ll all agree, has gotten off to a pretty great start.

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