Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have 4 offices worldwide . New York, Washington DC, Tampa Florida and Mumbai India.

Do you have any fees to join Boon Models?

NO, absolutely FREE. But we don’t guarantee you will be hired if you apply to be a model. We do follow industry standards and if you fit those requirements, we would love to work with you.

Do you charge any fee to make a portfolio? 

NO. Boon Models don’t require any model to work with the company to make a portfolio. A model can hire any photographer of his/her choice to make a portfolio.

But we require a portfolio to find jobs for a model. If a model already has a portfolio, it will be really helpful for us to hit the ground running.

Do you have open calls?

NO, we use a software to organize our operations. So its mandatory you apply online using this link. If we like your pictures and statistics, we will invite you to our office. Please click here to apply.

Am I guaranteed work?

No. Clients choose the models for a job, agencies don’t. 

Can I work with other agencies?

YES, but some branch offices like New York, we have two options to choose between an exclusive agreement or non-exclusive agreement. Its decided case by case basis. 

What type of work Boon Models provide?

We work with a variety of brands and they range from print, runway, lifestyle, TV, commercial, promotional modeling, fit modeling, health, and athletic, events like hair show, trade show, etc.

How to become a Boon Model? 

It’s super easy and Free!

Simply click here to submit your information and upload your photos. Snapshots are fine. Professional photos are not required. No experience necessary.

I am an inexperienced model, will Boon Models train me? 

We are working on a training program in the US, once it’s completed we plan to provide training for interested models. It’s NOT mandatory to take the training program. 

Do I need a portfolio to join Boon Models?

NO, you do NOT require a portfolio to apply. Regular pictures are enough to apply, however, if you have professional photos and if they meet Boon Models standard, we LOVE it.