Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any fees to join the agency?

Absolutely not, we don’t collect any fees from any models to join our agency.

2. Does Boon Models sign aspiring models without any experience?

Absolutely, we believe in opening doors for aspiring models and currently have models with loads of experience as well as models without much  experience.

3. I’m an experienced model, I have my own portfolio, does Boon Models accept it?

Ofcourse yes!!! Actually we love experienced models. We accept models with their own portfolio provided the photos dont have watermark and professionally created. If the model has written permission to use the watermarked pictures, we accept it as well.

4. I dont have a portfolio yet, will Boon Models help me to create a professional portfolio?

Yes, Boon Models will help models to create professional portfolio if a model doesnt have one.

5. Boon Models charge me to make a professional portfolio?

Ans: Shooting with boon models to create a portfolio is not mandatory. If you choose us to create a portfolio a photographer fee and studio rental fee will be charged, It varies depending upon the photographer and rental rate of the studio and equipments. But the fee is nominal and affordable.

6. I need training, does Boon Models provide training for aspiring models?

Yes, Boon Model provide professional training for models who needs assistance. A professional model with more than fourteen years of modeling experience teach aspiring models.

7. Does Boon Models work with models without a contract?

No, we don’t work without a signed contract with the model.

8. Can you tell me a little bit more about your contract?

I’m afraid we don’t discuss our contract unless we meet you in person.

9. I’m invited for an interview with Boon Models, what should I expect before I come in?

Boon Model interview are usually one to two hours. During the interview we talk about the strategies and plans to identify the categories of modeling which fit a model if we are interested in working with you.

10. Can you tell me about the different kind of modeling jobs Boon Models usually partake?

Sure, Boon Models work with every category of modeling except adult or pornography.

11. Do you work with kids or older models?

Yes, Boon Models have a commercial department and work with every different age groups. If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian should be present with you at all times.

12. I joined your agency, the work is guaranteed?

No, in this industry the client make the ultimate choice, we can only suggest you to be picked.

13. I want to bring friends or family to the audition, is it allowed?

If you are under 18, then you should be always accompanied with an parent or guardian. If you are over, its not professional to bring friends or family for auditions.(This is for jobs you attend, not coming to our office)

14. How important is an online portfolio?

Clients completely depend on online portfolio to select a model for a job, so its extremely important to have a variety of pictures in a talent’s portfolio. This helps our clients to choose the models efficiently and effectively.

15.  I changed my hair color or cut my hair short, should I get new photos?

Its very important that you should look as close to your portfolio images, so if the looks are changed, new pictures are a must.