Eyebrow Shaping According to the Experts

According to our make-up artist associates here at Boon Models, all too often they are confronted with the problem of eyebrow shaping. Perhaps even more importantly, eyebrow shaping that has gone wrong and needs some immediate emergency fixing. It is apparently so easy to get your eyebrow shape wrong if you don’t know the correct style that will match the structure of your face. However, if you listen to the professionals and get it right then the positive outcomes are seemingly endless, making you look younger, slimmer and even allowing you to wear less make-up.

Being one of the top NYC modeling agencies of the moment, Boon Models are lucky enough to have access to the top tips from the best industry professionals out there. This is definitely not a privilege we take for granted and have therefore decided to share with you a guide for choosing the correct eyebrow shape for your face.

So get your best set of tweezers ready and prepare to be amazed…

Round Face

It is of popular agreement amongst make-up artists that the rounder your face, the more angular you should aim to make your brow. This makes sense really when you think about the fact that rounder faces lack the same definition as others and a higher arch does wonders for adding delineation. Therefore, if you fit this category you should aim to gradually pluck from the bottom upwards to distinguish your brow’s arch, but be very careful not to make them look too slim.

Square Face

For those of you with more a square jaw line, it is really a similar philosophy to those with rounder faces but with an opposite approach. Therefore, you should aim to soften the eyebrow by making it rounder, consequently toning down the stronger definitions of your jaw. But please do be aware of the fact that making them too round may make you resemble a cartoon character… so gently does it!

Heart-Shaped Face

This is definitely one of the more complicated face shapes in terms of eyebrow choice, due to the fact that you’re sadly not at liberty to follow the Cara Delevingne bushy eyebrow trend and yet you also have to be careful not to make your brows too thin. It is not a lost cause though, don’t worry. All you really need to do is be careful to keep them well groomed at all times in a classic medium shape. This means investing in a great pair of tweezers and keeping a keen eye out for any stray hairs.

Long Face

If you think about the genetic make up of a long face, it is more ‘stretched out’ than others. This no bad thing at all with some of the most beautiful women in the world possessing this characteristic, but when approaching your eyebrows you must adopt a slightly different approach to others by making them look more extended. By extended, we mean the line of your brow should begin naturally and then gently point upwards in order to open up your features. Just be very careful not to sculpt the tail too much or you could run the risk of making the eyes look ‘droopy’.

If you need any further tips on eyebrow shaping, you’d be surprised how friendly your local make-up counter can be so don’t be shy about heading to the local department stores to ask for some tips. Alternatively, if you feel like treating yourself you could even book an appointment with a professional to have your brows shaped and this will teach you the right ways to approach it in the future.

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