Dressing Designer to Suit your Shape

Although you might not think it, designers, stylists, modeling agencies in NYC – and the world alike – are very much in tune with different types of female body shape. To put it bluntly, you definitely don’t have to be a size zero to dress designer, but if you are naturally then that’s ok too. Their clothes are even constructed with different body shapes in mind so here at Boon Models we have put together a bit of a breakdown for you, with some helpful tips thrown in. You are welcome!

  • For straight body-types (lacking an hour glass shape that is synonymous with traditional ideas of femininity) a ruched hemline will add those sought after curves by gathering in at your waist. If you ever needed any inspiration for a womanly silhouette then Vivienne Westwood is your go-to designer.
  • If you have more of a pear-shaped figure (bigger bottom and thighs) then try to avoid anything pleated, as this will draw attention to it. Smoother textures are far better for outlining your figure in a positive way.
  • Another tip for those who would rather steer attention away from the bottom half of their bodies is to wear pale color on your top half and a darker, more defining shade on the lower. This also rather magically works the other way around if you would rather play down the size of your chest.
  • If your ample chest is the problem then have no fear, plenty of designers are adopting horizontal strips into their repertoires. However, try to stick to striped tops that have a solid color on the sleeve, and don’t see the stripes going all the way up the neckline, otherwise this will have an adverse effect.
  • If you have a broader physique than the peplum shape is a dream come true. This is because their lines bring you in at the waist and then flair out again to define your shape.
  • If you’re legs appear skinnier than you’d like then try to avoid boots and thicker heels because these will only make them look skinnier. Pointed stilettos and stylish flats (like those of footwear designer Charlotte Olympia) are ideal for the smaller leg.
  • If, alternatively, you’d like your legs to look a bit longer then you can try wearing pantyhose or socks that are the same color as your shoes. The trick here is that you do this when your ankles are visible otherwise there’s pretty much no point!
  • If you consider yourself on the petite side then try and manoeuvre your waistband slightly above the normal line to give the illusion of a longer physique. Another tip for elongating the figure is to choose one total color for your entire outfit, much in the style of Ralph Lauren’s latest collection.
  • For those of you out there who might be pregnant or define yourself as more of an apple-shape then the simple edition of a long pendant will make your torso look longer. Try it now if you’ve got one to hand – amazing right?

Lastly, a little bit of a tip for all of you out there. Whatever your body shape, you are all beautiful in your own unique ways and should choose clothes that inspire you with confidence. This is widely displayed in the amount of different shapes and sizes of celebrities we have acting as our role models in this day and age, all the way from the petite physique of Kate Moss through to the noticeably curvy Kim Kardashian. Therefore, the best trick is to follow the style of a celebrity you admire, who represents your body shape demographic, and then you will have a constant stream of ideas for ways to embody their confidence.

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