Dresses That Suits in Every Function

Getting the ideal dress for the function that you are attending can be a real tough thing to do, especially if you look at what is out there. There is etiquette involved in making your selection and you’ll do well to pay attention to that. When you work with Boon Models what works for which event is sure to become second nature to you.

At a Wedding

Whatever you wear, never choose white. The rest of the factors of your attire will be determined by the season, the time of day and what you can find out from those in the know. In general day weddings are a bit more casual. Avoid a lot of sequence and beads. Rather choose something in a breathable light fabric like cotton that reaches mid-leg (you may go sleeveless). An afternoon wedding with the reception in the evening usually means a semi formal dress code which says a cocktail dress or evening suit would suffice. If black tie is what is expected, do not automatically grab for the floor length gown. Knee length dresses are acceptable too if they are made from a fabric like silk or a blend thereof with a formal or semi-formal cut.

At a Cocktail Party

A cocktail dress is not the only item to attend one of these parties in. If you are dealing with a swanky society do you may pull out that knee length glitter dress you just had to buy the other day but mostly modern cocktail parties are dressy casual which means you may be more comfortable in a special top with a few spots of intricate detail paired with a skirt or tailored pants. They go well with heels or elegant flats. Don’t forget to accessorize. An entire arm covered in sparkly bangles will fit well here. You could get away with a pant suit if it doesn’t look too corporate.

At a Dinner Party

This one has a few questions that may add to the variables such as: Who is hosting the party? Are they celebrating something? What season is it? The problem is that you do not want to risk insulting your dinner companions by under dressing but you do not want to overdress and make your host feel derisory or uncomfortable either. The best way to prevent this from happening is talking to your host to find out what she is planning. You could carry along a flattering scarf and elaborate earrings just in case you need to dress up a bit later.

At a Business Do

Your attire should simply reflect what the company stands for on any other day. A conservative office requires conservative dress out of office too. Never go the provocative route as it will give colleagues the wrong idea about you and you will not be taken seriously at work anymore. If your work environment isn’t too casual and you need to change fast right after finishing a shift you could bring a dressy top and some evening shoes along to slip into quickly.

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