Different Types Of Modeling



So…..you want to be a model but a little confused about the different types of modeling to choose from, not sure about the type of modeling suits you better and what category brings the most revenue?
Below tips will help you understand the different categories of modeling.


Runway modeling comes to everyone’s mind when you term modeling is mentioned. This is the most sought after category in modeling world. That’s because this is one of the highest paid category in the modeling business. But only 5% of the models get continues work assignment as a runway model due to the high standards a designer look while selecting a runway model.


Usually runway models are young under the age of 20 with a height of atleast five feet and nine inches to five feet eleven inches. This doesn’t mean that taller models are not considered, but the majority of models are in the above mentioned range. The models should be slim upto 130 pounds but again there are exception. Dress size ranges from six to eight.

Models with prominent cheek bones and proportional neck with well defined jaws are majority of the runway models. Some designer will have different tastes, but most of them stick to the defined formula mentioned here.

In the east coast new York fashion week is one of the premier event for runway model and in DC its DC fashion week.



Models appearing on fashion magazines and other famous magazines are editorial models. These models are also one of the highest paid categories in modeling industry. Target audiences for these models are the readers of that particular magazine, so the standard depends upon the type of magazine involved. Mind you, the models in the advertisement section of a magazine are not editorial.

This category purely depends upon your social network and personality of the model, most of the work are from repeating customers, so it will help the model to build a relationship with the client.

Experience play a major role in the payment structure so don’t worry if you start out low in the category, when you have a full profile you will start earning more.




This is pretty straight forward as the name implies.  Height is not really a criterion for this modeling. Usually clothing stores with a petite division are the main clients for these type of modeling. There are lot of opportunities in this section but the remuneration is not very high. You are looking at quantity over quality in this section.


Again as name implies this category is for models who are extremely fit and athletic. Clients are looking to sell their health related products like weight loss programs, aerobic machines, sports wears and gym equipments.

Remuneration is average compared to runway and editorial but there are many opportunities and competition is not very high in this type of modeling. Modeling in this category is not easy because there are lots of physical activities involved and shoots are usually very long and exhaustive.

The down side is maintaining a well toned body takes a lot of energy and time for any model, so be aware that work out will be a necessary part to this type of modeling.

Swim Suit

As name implies this is straight forward. Model should be tall, slender and have a chiseled body to be considered in this category. If you are Caucasian, a tanned body is an absolute must for swim suit modeling.

There are high demands for swim suit models; it will always be a good idea to include couple of swim suit photographs in the portfolio. Compensation is usually average but there are many opportunities.

Companies who are not in the swim suit categories also hires swim suit models, so you have a wide horizon of opportunities.

Body Parts

Companies which sells jewelry, watches, shoes, cosmetics, make-up etc look for models with   exemplary body part pertaining to their product. For example a jeweler loves a model with a beautiful neck or hand or feet. A hair product company loves a person with splendid hair. A model with beautiful eyes could be modeling for the new mascara a cosmetic company has launched.


Local boutiques and fashion designers look for models to showcase their product for creating an ad or to show some potential clients. The requirements will vary depends upon the competition and the location of your geography. This is not a highly paid category but there are many opportunities depend upon the city you live.

Promotional or Trade Show

You might have seen models in a car show or in a bar marketing a new brand of liquor. This category of modeling is promotional modeling, this might pay you well but the stream of opportunities will be rare. Also this usually happens in the evening and nights and go till the wee hours of next morning, be aware the timings.

Implied Nude

Models may or may not be wearing any clothes, but the pictures implies that models are nude. Some magazines use this type of pictures.


As name implies a lingerie model try to sell lingerie’s to the respective customers. Most of the lingerie shoots have an erotic underlining so some of the body parts will be visible. Compensation is good in the category.

Semi nude and artistic nude

Some body parts are visible and some are not. You could be wearing an underwear with face and breasts are visible. There are many opportunities for this type of modeling and please participate in this depending on your comfort level. Model will be seated or standing in an interesting pose, sometimes with decoration or unusual make up.

Erotic nude and Figure nude

Figure nude is not meant to arose any erotic feeling in the viewer but the lien dividing these two categories are very thin. But the model usually wont wear any clothes in this type of modeling.

Plus size and mature

As name implies there are opportunities for plus size and mature modeling. Companies who sells clothes, medical companies, big conglomerates like insurance companies, apparel companies, agriculture product companies whose primary customers are mature looks for mature male models.  

All types of modeling described above pertains to male models as well. But for a runway model the height is usually five eleven to six two with suit size of forty. Age varies from 18-29 years.

Commercial or Casual

There is no set of requirements in this category, depends upon what the client is looking for is the requirement. Experience is something clients look for when they search for a model.


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