Creating Your Own Path and Career


When there are no roads or options available to you, you  realize that its time to create your own path. To be roadblocked is often a fact of life but over time there will be traffic on our road. This is a fact of life while creating a business or trying for a look. We learn valuable lessons along the way and sometimes it will be an eye opening experience.

When we launched Boon Modeling agency we did not had a lot of contacts, contracts or guide to manage us or show the correct path. But we began slowly building up our social circle. We tried to connect and work with references and friends and some of them were very happy with our work and continued giving us assignments.  But some doors were slammed closed and some doors opened for us and welcomed us. In hind sight it was a great experience and learning curve. This industry is dominated by well established companies and brands and to get a foot in is not an easy task. We had lot of disappointments but those disappointments were not our dream killers.

When times was tough we always had a vision and were willing to work hard and to make one more phone call to companies which made the difference. Now its 2013 and we are still here and thriving and looking back we created our own path with perseverance. We are very grateful to be here and have learned many valuable lessons on the way and we are hoping to learn more. Some of the lessons we learned are

1. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you more than you believe  in yourself.

2.  Opportunities wont happen overnight, it’s a process and you build a system, opportunities will fall in place. But welcome them with both hands when they arrives.

3. Just because a client or a company said no today doesn’t mean, they are going to say NO all the time, NO has an expiration date and once it reaches that date it turns to YES.

4. You have to surround yourself with like-minded people. Those people will believe in you because they usually have similar dreams to yours.

5. It’s easy for people to make a decision when they see something. For example, a picture is better than a description in words. A video is better than a picture. So make it easy for others to make a decision in your favor.

The essence of this article is if you want to take a trip and the path ahead looks nebulous and confusing you can make your own path. It might take some trial and error to figure out the exact navigation but you will reach the destination. It might be little time consuming but its worth the effort. We are still navigating our own road and we can see the destination from where we stand now.

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