Copper: The New Miracle Beauty Ingredient

Working at one of the most auspicious modeling agencies in NYC definitely has its benefits. And here at Boon Models there are a quite a lot to choose from, one of which is the fact we are constantly being alerted to the newest miracle health ingredients. This is thanks to our abundant list of contacts, which includes some of the world’s best make-up artists, stylists and healthcare professionals.

This week’s latest miracle ingredient revelation is somewhat strange but nonetheless fairly exciting if it does what everyone says it can. Ladies and gentlemen I give you… copper. Yes, you heard that right.

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you have to eat it or anything like that but apparently copper is naturally blessed with a range of anti-ageing properties that have the potential to work wonders on your skin. So here’s just a few of the different ways you can test this theory out and be sure to let us know what you think.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Many brands, in particular Kiehls, are apparently adapting copper into the ingredient list of anti-ageing products such as night cream. This is because copper apparently contains – bare with me here – pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, which is in itself an antioxidant and therefore rids the skin of damaging free radicals. Consequently, giving it the opportunity to repair itself quicker, hence the slowing down of the ageing process.


If you can find a cleanser containing copper you are apparently on to a winner because it can prevent inflammation of the skin and has the ability to kill bacteria which makes for a deeper clean.


When it comes to our hair, amino acids are apparently an essential ingredient for cleaning and restoration (and even go as far as to soothe out scalps). There isn’t enough evidence yet to underline that copper is a miracle ingredient for our hairs long-term benefit but it certainly won’t do us any harm provided it contains these valuable minerals.

Copper Serums

Serums, in whichever way the come, tend to be somewhat of a miracle cure for our skin. Whether you are looking to reduce fine lines, lessen the appearance of stretch marks or even fight the visibility of skin pigmentation. Copper serums in particular, apparently contain a highly effective ingredient called tripeptide, which can increase the production of collagen and plump out the wrinkles in our skin. It doesn’t come cheap though so be prepared to be making a leap of faith in the spending department.

Hand Creams

Soft and smooth hands are something we all strive for but is copper the next craze that can save our hands from the gradual weathering of every day life? The answer to this is: we’re not exactly sure. But the peptides that boost collagen could certainly possess some benefits for your hands and any wrinkles that might be starting to appear.

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