Cocktail Dresses to Shop in This Holiday Season

Getting caught wearing the same cocktail dress to a do two years in a row could cause some embarrassment so we not only have to look great at all the cocktail parties we attend, we also need to be very sure that this year’s thanksgiving party sees us in something different from what we wore last year.  You’ll never see a Boon Models girl in the same outfit twice. The thing is that cocktail dresses do not come in just one style and color (thank goodness), we have a huge range that we can choose from. This is great thing but at the same time it is terrible. This means that we will have a harder time of choosing the one that is on trend and that suits us too.

Different kinds of looks and figures do better with different kinds of looks and we need to realize that if we want to buy the best dress for us. What looks amazing on your bestie will not necessarily do you any favors and vice versa. Determine how to do you in order to look your best. In the meanwhile I have some ideas about on trend styles, colors and fabrics to get you started.

  • Firstly you need to know that asymmetrical is amazing. The boring straight and block-like shapes with the hourglass figure style is no longer the style that monopolizes runways and streets alike. Many opt for a more off center look in order to keep things fresh. Pair this with a bold color like red, magenta or tangerine and you are sure to be the center of attention.


  • Due to the dropping temperatures of the season you’ll do well to dress for the weather if you are to stay warm and avoid pneumonia. Long sleeved dresses are chic and stunning in many fabrics and styles and here it is purely about your preference. There are also different types of sleeves to make you look and feel like a fairy princess if you so wish. Batwing, gigot, dolman, angel, butterfly, raglan and virago are just a few of the sleeve types out there and although some are not currently worn anymore they may return again soon. For now wear a dress with a sleeve that compliments you.


  • Wrap cocktail dresses are also a huge favorite among many right now and the little black dress isn’t going anywhere either. The beauty of the black number is that it is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. With a few additions or removals you can have a brand new look. Nobody would even be able to tell that it is the same dress you wore last year.

When all is said and done you are going to be the one who has to make it through the evening wearing what you chose so choose wisely. Few things are worn as well as confidence and comfort so if you are confident and comfortable in your dress it will show and you are sure to look amazing.

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