Coat? Check

Now, I know that spring is fast approaching and that is definitely a reason to be excited, but if you haven’t already invested in a stylish yet reliable coat for the cold weather then it is still very much worth doing so. It is still February after all and your trusty coat – whichever choice you make – will be like your best friend keeping you company on those freezing walks around fashion week and the even colder nights dashing back and forth from all the parties.

 Here at Boon Models we cannot wait to get the countdown to fashion week started but we know it is going to signal a time of glorious chaos where – along with other New York modeling agencies – our models will be running all over town for castings, fittings and the all-important shows themselves. Therefore, we very much advocate that a warm coat is a must for everyone.

 When it comes down to SS15 style in the coat department, designers have very much found a fork in the road leading them to either base their designs on a long or short structure. For instance, if I can cast your minds back towards last year to the highly coveted ‘Chanel Supermarket’ catwalk in Paris, then you might be able to remember most of the models were parading crop-top pant-suits and trainers, all brought together with floor length coats embodying their trademark tweed. This was, by far, the most defining aspect of the show and has been spotted out and about on many a model or celebrity. Céline also followed suit in a similar way to Chanel but with a slightly more androgynous undertone leading the way for Calvin Klein and Tibi to take it to the next level with fur-embellished masculine structures. Oh how I love a fashion juxtaposition!

 If it’s a short coat you’re after, designers such as Saint Laurent and Gucci have got you covered. Furthermore, the traditional duffel coat style is incredibly prominent and looks fantastic with pretty much any outfit, especially our beloved jeans. Of course, it is well worth noting that short coats definitely won’t keep you as warm as their long counterparts but with woollen and layered options galore, you’re sure to find something that works. Don’t forget, you might also get more wear out of a shorter coat because it will still be eligible to be worn in the early spring/summertime. But we are merely here to show you what’s out there; the choice at the end of the day is always yours.

 It isn’t just here in New York that we feel the need to invest in a good coat. Modeling agencies in Washington DC , Tampa and LA are also jumping on the bandwagon because there is just as much problem with the cold all across the country. Furthermore, seeing as we spend around 30-40% of our lives wearing coats and jackets, we definitely don’t see any harm in looking stylish whilst doing so.

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