Chanel Haute Couture : The Fashionista’s Favorite

So here is the one that everybody’s been waiting for; arguably the most favored French fashion house in the world, Chanel never fail to disappoint when it comes to Haute Couture fashion week and this year’s show is absolutely no exception.

As in previous years, the setting is Paris’s magnificent Grand Palais, this year transformed into a white, origami-style oasis, with the inevitable flashes of color that only become truly apparent once the heavy beats of the electronic soundtrack kick in. Then, in true Chanel style, come the painfully handsome male gardeners – hand-stitched watering cans in tow – to make the flowers grow and the spectacular mechanical structures open up even more before the models take to the runway. This setting in undoubtedly a work of modern art in itself and, along with free bags and perfumes for guests, just another one of the many reasons why fashion royalty such as Anna Wintour, make it a top propriety on their fashion week show lists.

Other celebrities in attendance included Kristen Stewart (who took on their recent Dallas-themed collection magnificently), Vanessa Paradis and Alice Dellal, who were all strategically placed on this particular day to be announced as the spokesmodels for Chanel’s new handbag collection. Now that is a campaign we can’t wait to see. But there’s plenty of time for that, now it’s time to see the clothes…

With models such as Kendall Jenner, Sasha Luss and Ming Xi taking to the circular runway, it is safe to say that modeling agencies in NYC, London and Paris would have been holding up the phone lines for months to get their girls into this show. As far as coverage on Intagram, Twitter, Fashion tabloids goes, it really has no competitor and can thrust an unknown model into the media spotlight just from one walk down its floral-themed catwalk. And this isn’t even taking into consideration the hundreds of hours of craftsmanship that actually go into making these spectacular items.

As far as the collection itself goes, this year very much sees the theme of florals and gardening carry through with models adorned in hand-stitched tweed gardening and sun hats. This tweed I speak of, which is very much a nod to Chanel’s traditional skirt and pant-suits, is however carrying a difference this year. The colors incorporated are so bright that some of them are verging on tropical – very much representative of the spring (and even the runway installation itself) coming in to bloom. There is also the added modern twist of these tweed suits being cropped off to reveal the model’s waists – not something that sits so easily with tradition. But Karl Lagerfeld has never been a designer to shy away from change and I’d even go as far to say that he laughs in the face of fashion danger. This is very much why the world loves him and that he’ll undoubtedly have all the best talent from modelling agencies in New York, Milan, Paris and London on speed dial. Not to mention the fact that he’s managed to maintain the custom of all age-ranges across the globe, all the way from teenagers to stylish women in their eighties. Karl, once again, we salute you.

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