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It’s true that modeling agencies in DC look towards NewYork for motivation and style and we are no different. So we were at the NewYork Fashion week and had an amazing time there.
DC Modeling Agency Fashion Week
Celebrities like Giuliana Rancic, Cara Santana, Meghan Markle, Lauriana Mae and Nicki Minaj  were present at the show to check out the Herve Leger Spring Summer collection. Lubov Azria the Chief Creative Officer of Herve Leger described the collection as inspired by a variety of cultural styles and traditions. 

DC Modeling Agency fashion show
The newest spring collection for 2014 primarily dabbles with white, grey, black and gradient of blue shades of colors. Crisp petty coats and printed Jerseys were predominant in the collection.

DC Modeling Agency



We all know the importance of hard work. The harder you work  more confident you will be confident with your skill and a confident model always wins.
So to be confident we need to prepare and prepare with the information from the best and the most successful. Select a mentor in your field. Look at the person’s moves, turns, walks, style and facial expression in the photos. YouTube your mentor and watch the videos, subscribe to your mentors blog or RSS feeds, follow on Twitter. Write to them if you have any questions.

The essence is to imitate the successful person not someone wrote a book on success. Learn the importance of practice but just for the sake of practicing wont make you successful. Only perfect practice will make you successful.


When there are no roads or options available to you, you  realize that its time to create your own path. To be roadblocked is often a fact of life but over time there will be traffic on our road. This is a fact of life while creating a business or trying for a look. We learn valuable lessons along the way and sometimes it will be an eye opening experience.

When we launched Boon Modeling agency we did not had a lot of contacts, contracts or guide to manage us or show the correct path. But we began slowly building up our social circle. We tried to connect and work with references and friends and some of them were very happy with our work and continued giving us assignments.  But some doors were slammed closed and some doors opened for us and welcomed us. In hind sight it was a great experience and learning curve. This industry is dominated by well established companies and brands and to get a foot in is not an easy task. We had lot of disappointments but those disappointments were not our dream killers.

When times was tough we always had a vision and were willing to work hard and to make one more phone call to companies which made the difference. Now its 2013 and we are still here and thriving and looking back we created our own path with perseverance. We are very grateful to be here and have learned many valuable lessons on the way and we are hoping to learn more. Some of the lessons we learned are

1. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you more than you believe  in yourself.

2.  Opportunities wont happen overnight, it’s a process and you build a system, opportunities will fall in place. But welcome them with both hands when they arrives.

3. Just because a client or a company said no today doesn’t mean, they are going to say NO all the time, NO has an expiration date and once it reaches that date it turns to YES.

4. You have to surround yourself with like-minded people. Those people will believe in you because they usually have similar dreams to yours.

5. It’s easy for people to make a decision when they see something. For example, a picture is better than a description in words. A video is better than a picture. So make it easy for others to make a decision in your favor.

The essence of this article is if you want to take a trip and the path ahead looks nebulous and confusing you can make your own path. It might take some trial and error to figure out the exact navigation but you will reach the destination. It might be little time consuming but its worth the effort. We are still navigating our own road and we can see the destination from where we stand now.

Male model abs


For every model, well defined and sleek abs are necessary to be successful in the modeling industry and signed by a modeling agency. This is even more important for male models and fitness models. Without perfect abdominal, there is no way a model can walk the runway. But many models find it difficult to achieve this feat and maintain the abs in the long run. Its true a  casting director or a fashion designer scans the abs of a model to evaluate the health and fitness of the model. They know the fat accumulates in the intestinal region fast and is the hardest to lose and no one can cheat it.

female six pack abs
Now let’s discuss how to achieve the perfect abs and maintain it once you have achieved your goal. The secret is not just exercise but to eat healthy and include certain types of exercise in a models fitness routine. Eating healthy out-weighs exercise when it comes to six pack abs. The human body has a tendency to deposit fat on the outer layer of the stomach quickly and it will be prominent from outside. Exercise helps to strengthen the inner layer of the stomach. A model who exercises will develop a very strong and muscular inner layer  of the stomach, but it won’t be visible on the outside. Eating healthy combined with exercise achieves the optimal result.

In order to achieve an outstanding abs, here are the requirements

  • Eat healthy, avoid fatty foods, fried foods and fast foods. Include lot of fiber and vegetables in your diet.
  • Introduce cardio in to your exercise routine if you haven’t already. Running, elliptical and cycling are a good start. 
  • Add abdominal exercises to your workout routine.

Some best exercise for abs are

  1. Stomach crunches – 3 sets of 20 reps each
  2. Bicycle kicks – 3 sets of 20 reps
  3. leg Kick outs – 3 sets of 20 reps

If you are not sure about what they are, a simple YouTube video search will give you enough information.




male models modeling tips

Male modeling tips – From top male modeling agency

Perception is reality when it comes to male modeling for that matter in any modeling. The perception is created by a high class portfolio. Since modeling caters to our visual senses, the way you present yourself is of prime importance for male models. How do you present yourself to the best? Short and long answer is grooming, male modeling agencies always look for well groomed male models. Some of the grooming tips for male models are given below.

Lets start from the top and work our way down. First hair, which is an important factor in defining the look of a male model. This industry does not have many bald male models, so a thick hair is almost essential for a successful male modeling career. Take care of your hair if its short or long, shampoo it and get away from the dirt. Wear a hat when going out in the sun and dust. Remove the dandruff and split hairs, get a stylist to do your hair rather than a chain store like “Hair cutery”.

Face and facial skin – Take care of eat by eating healthy food, include fruits and vegetables especially dry fruits. Avoid smoking and binge drinking which effect the skin of a male model. Clean your face with facial scrubs which are not strong. Remove black heads from your nose and cheeks. Sleep well the day before the shoot, this gives a glow to the face of a male model.

Facial hair – An important feature of a male model is facial hair, if you are blessed with nice looking facial hair, you are one step ahead. But keep it groomed, shabby looking facial hair is not something a casting agent from the best male modeling agency wants to see on your face. Photos with both clean shaved as well as bearded are requirements for a male model portfolio. A male model should take care of his eye brows too, keep it trimmed and in shape. A male model should have nice shiny lips which gives an edge to a photo, so keep your lips moist and shiny with a lip balm.


Another feature a male model should be aware of is the teeth. Today there are many teeth whitening products available in the market for a nominal price, buy one and use it. A male model should have perfect teeth which is white and clean. While you are at it, make sure that your mouth don’t smell foul too.

Finger nails and toe nails – Keep them clean, a perfect manicured finger nails gives a good impression on you. Hands are usually used heavily in photographs, so a male model should have a clean and clear nails.


Tyra Banks, one of the top models in the country may be able to make you grace the cover of some of the top magazines or make it possible to strut on the runway of the exclusive high fashion world. Here are some of the tips from the famous Tyra Banks.


How To Be a Model

Model Don’ts (and a Do)

  • Understand the importance of your neck in a photograph, try to elongate and give definition to you face and cheek bones.
  • Put some energy into your pose, don’t pose like an old person, stretch your spine and don’t slouch.  
  • Tension in your body is good for poses, always have tension in your pose, from head to toe.
  • Move your body when a photographer is shooting but move slightly and try to be creative. If you are not creative, practice in front of a mirror and know what angle is good for you.
  • Cleanliness is very important for a good photo. Make sure you are clean and tidy before a photoshoot.
  • Sleep well before the shoot, this will make you look and feel refreshed.
  • Don’t get disturbed or distracted if a stylist or make up artist is not upto the mark and don’t let it spoil the shoot.
  • Eyes are the most important weapon you have to communicate the feeling, so try to be intense with your eyes instead of glazing over.
  • While on runway, walk straight with your spine straight and head held high.
  • A good personality is a must for a good model, talk to people in the set, make friends.
  • Good music in the background while shooting will boost your morale and mood.


Modeling: Breaking Into the Biz

  • Have a mentor in the industry, in this age of video and internet, it’s so easy to find a super  model you can emulate and study . Notice their cat walk, her make up, the way she dresses and walks, way they turn, how she holds her head, her hands etc.
  • Take some good photos of you, preferably a beauty shot from the neck and keep it with you all the time. You can give this to new people you meet in the industry.
  • A model should know the industry terms, new fashion, how camera angles works and the effect of lighting on photos.
  • While going for a casting, use as little make up as possible to show your natural look.
  • Practice your walk in heels and carry them with you all the time. By the way, if you are a model, what are you doing in flats?
  • Keep your time.
  • Be honest about your experience, an experienced photographer can easily pick up your history in just couple of shots.
  • Keep your nails clear or may be glossy. Avoid nail polish.
  • Your face should be visible, it’s will be a good idea to go castings with a pony tail.
  • Learn to stand upright with straight back and firm shoulders.
  • No one’s body is perfect, even every super-model has flaws, don’t be afraid of them, but try to hide them in your pictures. For example, small calves can be hidden by wearing heels. A big forehead can be hidden by lifting the chin up a little.
  • A small waist can be accentuated by putting your hands on the hips which will make your waist leaner.

Small bust size can be accentuated by leaning a little forward showing the chest a little.


English break fast is my favorite. I eat a lot of eggs, toast and vegetable juice.


I use Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask  twice a week.


Eye liner is something I cant live without, I use it to give definition and catch to my eyes. And for moisture and glow for my skin, I use a blueberry fluid base fresh glow .


I work out daily and have a trainer to guide me and avoid any mishaps in the gym. It keeps me alive and healthy and maintain my body.

Going out with my best friend who also happens to by my son. Playing with him, watching movies and dancing.