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With so many different platforms for creativity making their way into the Internet mainstream these days, you could be forgiven for losing track. However, when it comes to fashion and beauty, recent years have spelt the dawning of a new era, with ‘vlogging’ gaining more and more credibility. Therefore, if you are an aspiring make-up artist, hair stylist or fashion guru then you really do need to know what this is all about.

 Here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in Tampa, New York and DC), we are constantly being alerted to emerging talent, especially in the fashion and beauty sectors. Therefore, we know full well the importance of sharing your skills online and seeing as vlogging ultimately gives your viewers the best insight into your skills and personality (due to the fact they can watch your uploaded video clips on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo) we think it is one of the best ways to achieve success and outreach in the modern world.

 So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to becoming the next vlogging sensation? We are here to reassure you that you do.

 Creating your own video blog (‘vlog’) is open to anyone that feels that they have a passion for something or have ideas that they are bursting to share. Furthermore, if you’re able to picture yourself as the viewer and envisage what their specific needs might be (i.e. a hair style for a specific party or perhaps appropriate make-up for a wedding) then your entrepreneurial skills are more up to scratch than you might think.

 But don’t you need to possess a certain a set of skills and experience to host your own show online?

 Not necessarily. All you truly need is a down-to-earth personality that viewers can relate to. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to have hosted a television show before by any means. You just need to allow your passion to shine through and manifest itself in some really well thought out, easy to follow instructions that people can follow on your chosen subject. Imagine you are their best friend sitting there with them, helping them to get ready for an event or party and you’re on the right track.

 How do you get started with making the videos?

 There are a vast range of ways that you can get started when you’re putting together your vlogging channel, ranging all the way from your webcam (for the slightly less professional/laid back approach) to a professional digital SLR camera set up with proper background and lighting. This obviously all depends on your situation in life but our main tip for you – especially if you are sharing hair and make-up tips – is to try and light the room well enough so that viewers can see exactly what you’re doing. Otherwise the whole point of your show is fairly redundant.

 Once you start to progress a bit further there are further editing options available to you, such as Final Cut Pro, but again, if you choose to start out doing one shot takes then that is your prerogative.

 As far as uploading and starting your channel is concerned, we would highly recommended established platforms such as previously mentioned YouTube and Vimeo. You can personalize these channels fairly easily and have the reassurance that they guarantee a certain amount of traffic already. However, if you have the resources to start up your own website, this is no bad thing. In fact, this may work in your favor if you have a catchy title and unique selling point and even go as far as to make you stand out from your counterparts.

 Taking all of these points into consideration, we must underline that you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure from the outset because your approach to your videos will inevitably grow and develop if you listen to the valued feedback that you will obtain from your followers.

 So how do I share this with people and gain the necessary feedback to make improvements?

 This almost seems like such an obvious question in this day and age but just to be sure to remember: Social Media, Social Media, Social Media… Shall we say it again? SOCIAL MEDIA.

 Basically, if you don’t have them already, you need to get yourself a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Vines account pronto. You should also be mindful to match the names of these as closely as possible to yourself and your chosen field i.e ‘Amy’s Make-Up’ (as generic as that is, it gets across the point simply and effectively).

 As we’ve previously stated in social media articles, these tools are absolutely essential to your development as a vlogger and without them you are putting yourself under unnecessary strain and way behind other vloggers who are uploading tweets, Facebook updates, pins and Vine clips more than ten times a day. Commitment is definitely the word here and we would advise any up and coming vloggers out there to adopt this approach from the outset.

 In terms of feedback, keep an eye on your comments section and responses to tweets and other social media outlets. There could be some really valuable feedback there for you to take on board. However, always bare in mind that sometimes bad feedback isn’t worth noting if it has come from an ‘Internet troll’ or someone who is putting unnecessary hate out there into the world. They are probably just jealous so don’t give them the time of day by responding to them. In the words of Taylor Swift: ‘The haters gona hate’ and you can just leave them to it whilst you flourish in your up and coming vlogging career.

 How should I go about choosing topics for my vlogs / videos?

 This really isn’t something we can specifically advise on, apart from to say that you should try and hone in on a unique point that you think needs addressing – that can’t be found easily elsewhere. For example, is there a gap in the market in any particular style of applying make-up or hair styling? Exclusivity (in terms of subject matter) is definitely a great way in, but not necessarily a deal breaker if you have found a way to share your passion for your subject in a way that is appealing to others.

 Our main advice to you is to follow your heart. Any of you out there have the potential to be great vloggers and as long as you follow this basic platform of advice nailed, then you will have the potential to do amazing things and watch your followers grow into the thousands.

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This might seem like an odd question, but have you ever given much thought to whether you’re getting the right amount of sleep? You’d be surprised at how much our bodies can be struggling without us realizing and in the lead up to New York Fashion Week, here at Boon Models (one of the top up and coming New York modeling agencies ) we believe that you should be taking care of yourself first and foremost before anything else.


So let me ask you this: are you an early bird, who gets up happily at the crack of dawn? Or are you – like a much larger portion of the population – pressing your ‘snooze’ button continuously in the hope that the nightmare idea of getting up might just go away? Your answer to this isn’t exactly a defining factor as to whether you’re getting enough sleep or not because there are pros and cons for both sides. It is however useful to know which side of the spectrum you fit into because it could be that you are adopting the wrong approach to your sleep pattern.


There is significant evidence out there to underline that all of our individual sleep patterns and needs are different. Some of us can get by on 6 hours a night and some of us feel we need closer to 9. But does this have an impact on our productivity during the day? People who are considered early-risers are often described as more productive than those who aren’t, but at the same time display more symptoms of stress and anxiety as the end of the day approaches. On the other side of the argument, late-risers display an altogether more laid back temperament, but are not proven to be as fruitful in their labors. If you were to go on this evidence alone, then it would seem that people who get more sleep are happier yet less industrious… But this is not always the case.

 Whilst the sleep benchmark for adults (aged 18-64) is described as 7-9 hours, as we’ve stated before: every individual is different. Therefore, too much sleep can actually end up being counterproductive for some people, resulting in a ‘groggy’ feeling where you don’t feel like you can truly wake yourself up without vices such as coffee.

 So what is there to do if you don’t feel your sleep pattern is quite right? Well our first advice if you feel there is a real issue (such as insomnia) would be to seek advice from your doctor. But secondly, if things aren’t quite so serious but you fancy a change, why not try switching things up a bit? For example, if you are an early-riser then why not try giving yourself twenty minutes extra in bed and see if that helps your mood in the afternoons? Or even better, if you’re working from home, then why not try out a strategic ten-minute power nap on your lunch break? Furthermore, if you are one of those late-risers, that takes the chance of more sleep whenever they can get it, then how about turning your schedule on its head and voluntarily waking up an hour earlier? This could be the best, most productive thing you’ve ever done and you might never look back.

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If there’s one thing that you can count on for the AW15 round of Fashion Week shows (taking place in New York City from 12-19th February) it’s that the seventies are back – in a big way. This doesn’t just extend to the catwalks on which we can guarantee you’ll be seeing many varying patterns, prints and cuts. Oh no, the seventies have taken a firm standing in the make-up stakes too and here at Boon Models (on of the top up and coming NYC modeling agencies ) we couldn’t be more excited.

Therefore, we have put together a bit of a guide for you to get some of your best make-up products together, ready to experiment with the look and also a few suggestions about which products you might want to be investing in this season. Apparently it’s all about dumbing down the bold patterns of the era that will be showing up in the clothes and this therefore means a lot of ‘blurred lines’.


Taking the ‘blurry’ approach into consideration you should aim to make your complexion as light and airy as possible. L’Oreal’s ‘Blur Cream’ is perfect for this combined with a ‘CC cream’ or concealer. As we’ve said before, try to keep the tone as light as possible. This shouldn’t be a problem for those of us who have been hiding away from the sunlight for most of the winter.


Rosy cheeks are important for this era – in the style of Jane Birkin – so make sure you pick out your rosiest blusher. Any blush colors that you have on the redder / darker side will be an added bonus as they match very well to high fashion.


A top tip from our make-up artist friends is to completely forgo mascara on this occasion, which detracts from the definition and adds a softness to the look. However, it’s important that you don’t overlook the eyes completely as you definitely need them to underline your seventies persona. Therefore, try out a brown eye shadow (preferably cream) and then apply one thick line of black eye liner to your top lid. If you want to add a bit of sparkle then try a silver or baby pink cream liner for the bottom lid but this is really just an added extra. Your look is very nearly complete.


Now is your time to shine. So in true seventies style you should reach for your brightest red/orange lipstick and apply it evenly to make this the crowning focus of your look.

If you have followed all of these steps, you should now be able to look in the mirror and feel that you’re embodying everything that represents the ‘70s Jetset Cool’ look, which has taken the fashion world by storm in the past year. Just be sure that your clothing choices don’t let you down when you’ve come this far.

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In case you hadn’t heard the buzz all over Hollywood – and the rest of the world for that matter – Kate Hudson is trying her hand at sportswear designing and has consequently co-founded new brand ‘Fabletics’. And taking into consideration that she is not only on of the most naturally beautiful, but one of the most well-toned and fit women in the world it makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. At the age of 35, I would even go as far as to say that Kate looks like she’s getting younger by the minute due to her great approach to health and lifestyle. Furthermore, here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in Tampa, DC and NYC ) we are always fans of a well-thought-out celebrity endorsement, especially if it’s going to get us in the mood to hit the gym.


Never has this ‘gym-spiration’ been more prevalent than the recently released photos of Kate Hudson gallivanting around LA with her close friends Erin and Sara Connor working on the ‘Fabletics’ promotional material that will hit our screens imminently. The fact that she has decided to use her friends to model the brand, rather than bringing in models she doesn’t know, is Kate Hudson all over. It’s not very often that an actress as beautiful as Kate can portray herself as totally unintimidating and down to earth, but she certainly has it nailed, especially when you see her having a an amazing time with her gal-pals. Consequently, we love her all the more. Even though there is the unmistakeable fact that Erin and Sara Connor (step-sisters to Gigi and Bella Hadid) are toned to perfection, which coincidentally works out quite well for Kate in terms of making the products look good!


So what exactly is it that makes ‘Fabletics’ so unique as a sportswear brand? Kate claims that there is a gap in the market for great outfits for working out that are affordable and stylish, hence her decision to co-found the brand. A good point for sure. She also goes as far as to say that she wants to create a network of strong independent women that form the ‘Fabletics’ community, so also a bit of a feminist spin on it there which we love.


The garments themselves consist mainly of delicately shaped cropped tops that evidently support a range of different bust sizes without having to come across too harsh with big adjustable straps. Another notable quality of the ‘Fabletics’ collection are the leggings – that come in a varying array of lengths – and their on-point variation of patterns that are so popular in the fashion world right now. Kate, we hope there’s a lot more where this came from.

Paris Haute Couture 2015: Giambattista Valli – The Princess’s Go-To Guy 

For pretty much every woman across the world, there comes a time in life when we realize that we all have an inner-princess lurking somewhere inside us. Some of us do well to keep this hidden, preferring more of an androgynous, less typically feminine approach to fashion and that is absolutely fair enough. However, I really do defy anyone not to be struck by the magic of the Italian designer Giambattista Valli and the way he emanates femininity at a somewhat extreme level with his beautifully crafted couture floor-length gowns. In princess terms, I could very much picture him as the guy that dressed Cinderella for the ball…

This is ever present in his SS15 collection, which hit the catwalk in Paris on Tuesday. Although it is definitely worth noting that there was a considerable edge to these traditional princess gowns, starting with the fact that every model (carefully handpicked from modeling agencies in New York, Paris, London and Milan) was adorned with a black net veil, much in the style of the 1930s. However, just to throw in an added edge back towards the princess look, each veil was topped with a black bow – as if to confuse us even more!

Giambattista Valli has had quite the year with celebrities such as Amal Clooney – the new princess of the celebrity world if you will – giving his beautiful floral, bell skirted creations even more exposure worldwide. This year’s couture front row was no exception hosting the key players from London, Paris and NYC modeling agencies, not to mention every fashion magazine editor worth their salt from across the globe.

The SS15 collection itself maintained some traditional elements, very much incorporating white lace and ruffles – particularly focussed on the neck and hemline – so soft-looking I’m sure every guest at the show wanted to reach out and touch them. There was also the inclusion of soft pastel floral stitching, huge bows tying in the princess waistline and gold/silver shimmering embellishment. However, the major step away from convention in this particular show was the dramatic use of black, tied in to every single outfit. This was displayed in many variations including the model’s headwear, footwear or even taking over the entire look itself. This is much more of a ‘Maleficent’ approach than one of a Disney princess but Giambattista Valli is clearly not wanting to fall into the category of being predictable.

Another dimension that this couture show added to the Giambattista Valli collection was the unprecedented use of layering, which even saw a dress being worn over the top of a pair of pants, with a ruffled cape thrown over for good measure. There were also notably ‘out-there’ uses of modern patterns, including a very unique take on the traditional houndstooth print that found its way on to pant-suits and tailored petticoats.

The impression we’re left with at the end of the show is that the new Giambattista Valli princess has an edge. She is not one to be messed with now and who knows what we can expect in the future. I, for one, really can’t wait to see.

A Beginner’s Guide to Different Styles of Yoga 

With it’s multitude of benefits for our health and well-being, it can come as no surprise that yoga has cemented it’s place in popular culture as a go-to exercise for all types of people. It especially holds particular benefits for those working in the fashion industry, due to its unique ability to bring you a valued ration of peace and tranquillity – during those hectic times in the lead up to fashion week and castings – whilst at the same time helping you to keep in shape. Henceforth, It is a practice strongly followed by modeling agencies in New York, keeping their agents and models at their healthiest at all times. 

So first of all, why choose yoga? 

The list of health benefits is seemingly endless but people that practice it for a considerable amounts of time often find their strength increased, their stresses relieved and even in some cases their blood pressure lowered. There are many different types of yoga, all centred on the development of strength, balance and flexibility. It doesn’t come naturally to all who try it but with the right amount of strength and self-discipline, it is a practice open to a wide variation of people. 

So now you’ve decided to try it out, how do you go about choosing a class? 

This is a very good point because there are way more types of yoga than you might expect, some of which put a focus on strength and some of which concentrate more on finding your inner peace and relaxation. 

It is important to find a class that is suited to your particular needs because everyone’s bodies and temperaments are different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try out a few different classes and see which match your lifestyle / existing exercise regime in the best way. For example, if your workouts in the gym already incorporate a focus on strength then you should ideally look for a yoga class that works on your flexibility. This will bring a more even feeling to your overall weekly workout, but the choice, as always, is down to you. 

We‘re here today to give you an idea of what’s available to you out there, so here is a roundup of just a few of the different styles of yoga: 


One of the more vigorous types of yoga, this discipline is based on a series of strength-building poses which must be held for 5 breaths, all split up by a salutation (a term widely used in yoga – that you’ll become familiar with – but basically means an acknowledgment or bow to the sun).This one might take you a while to get used to but there are plenty of beginner’s classes out there who’ll help to get you on the right track. 


A very relaxed approach to yoga; students turn up at any point they wish over the course of a few hours. This stress-free approach promotes a feeling of inner calm, leaving you free to work at your own pace, with the valid assistance of an instructor who is constantly supervising your moves. 

This style of yoga is one of the more typically traditional and also leaves you to choose your own pattern of breath.

Vinyasa Flow 

This style of yoga is very much about the workout. Therefore, for any beginner’s out there, it is highly recommended that you try a purer form of yoga before adding the vinyasa element to the mix. Once you’ve done this, you will find that this style of yoga is one of the most effective for your overall fitness. 

Bikram Yoga 

There is a good chance you will have heard of this approach to yoga, considering it has taken the world be storm in recent years. It is a practice made up of 26 moves, all undertaken in a heated room so that your body has the added opportunity to sweat out and remove toxins. 

However, it is definitely worth warning you that you musn’t take this class too regularly without looking into whether it is suitable for your health. Too many times I’ve heard of people dehydrating themselves in an attempt to lose weight too quickly and that my friends, is putting your health at risk which is unacceptable. 

Aside from this, Bikram has proven an incredibly successful form of yoga, leading many people to find their goal weight and maintain it in a sensible structured way. But just try to remember – in spite of all the package offers being thrown at you – good things definitely come to those who wait. 

Restorative Yoga 

This practice of yoga focuses much more keenly on the mind, body and soul altogether as one entity. Therefore, it places its emphasis much more on relaxation and regeneration by taking a more relaxed approach and holding fewer poses for longer periods of time. 

So there you have it, this is just a small taste of what is available out there at classes across the country for you to try. We wish you all the best with your search and hope that you’ll join the Fashion industry professionals and top NYC modeling agencies in their stress-free approach to health and well-being.

It may very well be freezing cold outside – perhaps even snowing – but have no fear, there is light at the end of the tunnel yet… This being the time when springtime fashion comes to into full flourish. The main reason for the surge in color whilst the winter months are still upon us is very much thanks to the unique ‘Cruise’ collections that most designers chose to bring out in anticipation of people heading off to warmer climates on holiday. This is now considered a vastly important part of many designer’s repertoires and hence the reason why this floral explosion on the catwalks has made such an impact in 2015.

 It is also an exciting time for modeling agencies in New York. Not only because the Holy Grail that is New York Fashion Week is on the horizon but also because, if they had been previously lucky enough to get their models involved in springtime campaigns, then there is a good chance these pictures will be hanging around for quite some time, increasing the model’s exposure and therefore progressing their career substantially.

 So what exactly is so special about these 2015 floral inspired numbers? Well, for one thing the colors, with neon block prints making more and more of a leap into the mainstream. So the first step towards your floral transition is to take on the rule: ‘the bolder the better’. This has very much been displayed on many of the key designer’s most recent catwalks, in particular the garden- inspired runway of Chanel at Paris Haute Couture Fashion week, last week.* Next stop on this modern floral excursion is the trouser suit, which Nicholas Ghesquiere has brought to the forefront of Louis Vuitton’s 2015 Cruise collection. Although this may sound like a trip back to the 60s, let me assure you, it couldn’t be less so. This androgynous masterpiece – a go to for the modern woman – is all about symmetry with its defined elegant floral patterns. 

If this sounds like something that might interest you, you’d also be best advised to check out Gucci’s collection which displays similarities in their trouser suits, but with the added essence of the ‘70s Jetset Lifestyle’ (i.e. looser lines and more unpredictable patterns).  

If it’s the 1960s you’re after though, you’re in luck. Miu Miu’s 2015 Cruise collection very much has this covered, and have added some bright pop botanical prints to their already incredibly successful 60s-inspired collective (need I remind you of their block wedge sandal). Christopher Kane have also gotten in on the act by taking boldly colored hand-stitched florals to the next level. Psychedelic would definitely be considered an understatement for this but for our part we can’t wait to follow the other NYC modeling agencies out there and call these items in as soon as they hit the shelves in time for fashion week.

You might want to think that a leather jacket is just another boring piece of clothing in your wardrobe that can only go with a few chosen outfits. However, you’d be surprised to find out how innovative you can get with a simple leather jacket and spice up your look using the simple hacks enlisted below. If you plan to work with modelling agencies in DC, these ideas will certainly earn you some brownie points.
1. Goes perfectly with stripes:
If you have a dress with horizontal stripes lying in your closet, you might want to consider getting them out and pairing it with the leather jacket that you have been avoiding to wear because you were worried it won’t go well with anything but a t-shirt. To break away from the monochrome colour scheme, you could wrap a scarf around your neck in a bright colour to add some pop and life to your whole look.

2. Wear it with a midi skirt:
If chic and sophisticated is what you want to go for, try pairing your leather jacket with a midi skirt. DC Modelling agencies will be swarming around you to have you work with them all thanks to a look that is so effortless and timeless. Make sure that the midi skirt you wear is of a lighter tone like off white or cream coloured to bring out the presence of the leather jacket.

3. Don’t always settle for black:
Sure black looks elegant and stunning and goes with almost every piece of clothing. However, if you wish to suffuse your look with a little bit of freshness; you could consider swapping the black with another shade of leather jacket. Dark, neutral colours go extremely well with almost any coloured outfits and you may want to look into experimenting in the colour department.

4. Pair your leather jacket with your little black dress:
Whether you wish to go partying or sign up with modelling agencies in DC, your leather jacket will always be your little black dress’s best friend. Try wearing a colour that is in contrast with your black dress. A cream coloured jacked or even a neon coloured one would go extremely well, however, it is important to make sure that you apply very little makeup so as to make the jacket pop out.

5. Wear a statement necklace:
You may want to stick to wearing your leather jacket with just your t-shirt and denim pants. However, while this look works just fine, you can spruce it up a notch by adding a statement necklace to your overall look. Not only does it look effortless, it adds an incredible amount of glamour without having to try too hard.
A leather jacket is a very versatile piece of clothing and it is important to experiment with different styles to see what suits you best and how you can make the leather jacket stand out without it being too flashy.

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Shoes For Every Body Type

By Alisa Bashaw


It has happened to everyone. From the top tier fashion model to the housewife suburban mom. You see a pair of shoes in the store window that you have been coveting forever. You stop and gasp. They are even more beautiful in person. You don’t care that it will wipe out your bank account. You only care about the daggers of envy you will be eliciting as you sashay across the floor with your date at your side. Not because your date is so hot, but because these are “the shoes” of the season and no one can get them. But you found them and in your size. You try them on and THEY FIT! You look at your feet, and they look amazing in them! You are walking on a cloud all the way back home. Yes, you realize that after an hour in them you will feel like your back has been beaten with a bat, your feet will feel like you have walked on broken glass. However, you swear it will be worth it. You might have to visit the chiropractor’s office once a week for at least a week to repair the damage.

The night comes, and you get all dolled up in your best dress, and your hair is looking perfect. Gently, you unwrap your preciousss from their packaging and slip your feet into them. You swear you hear angels sing. You glide to the mirror to look at the beauty you have been transformed into…..and you are shocked. Mesmerized. What the heck? How did this happen? How did your 5 foot 11 inch frame suddenly shrink into a 4 foot 9 inch body? When you woke up this morning, you weren’t short and squatty, so why suddenly do you look like the female version of Danny Devito? The last time you wore this dress you were a knockout. So what could it be? It can’t…no? The shoes?

Just like any piece of clothing, shoes can enhance the features you want it to, or if you are not careful, it can enhance the features you don’t want it to. Women are very careful about making sure their clothing enhances their body. The take into account the colors they wear, the cut of the clothing, the fit of the clothing and women even pay attention to the cut of their hair to make sure it enhances their face structure. When it comes to the shoes they wear, they’ll throw any ole pair, or whatever pair is the most comfortable, totally disregarding what looks best with their body type.

Here are a few tips to help you try to find out what kind of shoe is best for your body type.

Body Type

Short in height and skinny body

You are probably sick of hearing it all the time. “Look how cute you are! Just like a pixie.” or “I can barely see you over the counter” or the ever popular “Are you sure you’ll be able to see over the steering wheel?” “Be sure to hold onto something if the wind really starts blowing hard.” Yeah, really funny. Well, there’s no reason to hang you head low there has been a ton of amazingly beautiful petite high fashion models. Devon Aoki is a runway model, and she is only 5’5″ Eva the Winner of Americas Next Top Model is only 5’5″. So height isn’t as much an issue these days if your dream is to be a high fashion model but these guidelines will still help you knock the socks off at those casting calls.

Stay Away From

  • Straps

    • Why – It will break the line of vision between your heel and the rest of your leg making you appear to be shorter than you are. However, there is one exception ankle-high gladiator sandals. They look amazing on tiny ankles.

  • Pointy Toe

    • Why – a pointy toe will make you look witchy

Go For It Shoes (Think Height Height Height)

  • Wedges

  • Platform

  • Heels (without straps)

  • Ballerina flat shoes (only wear with a dress that falls above the knee, or your legs will appear shorter)

  • Peep toe shoes

Body Type

Short in Height and Thick or “healthy” Body

“I’m all about that bass,’bout that bass, Hey! I’m bringing booty back ” – yeah that song sticks in your head like cheese on a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. So if you are short and thick, work it girl. Take a killer pair of shoes and strut your stuff. There have been some amazingly beautiful plus size models in the industry. Kaela Hunphries is a size 16 and has recently signed to Ford Models. So being plus size is no reason to hide.

Stay Away From

  • Flats

  • Gladiator Flats

  • Any Shoe that wraps around your ankle

  • Boots that end mid-calf

    • Why – Flat shoes draw attention to the thicker legs, as do boots that end at mid-calf.

Go For It Shoes

  • Bright colored heels

  • Just below the knee boots

  • Wedges

  • Platform heels

  • Open-toed shoes

    • Why – By choosing bright colored heels you are bringing the eyes down instead of focusing on the legs. Also by ending just below the knee you are not drawing attention to your calves

Body Type

Tall and Thin

If someone said you couldn’t wear heels, then put duct tape over their mouth. You want to wear heels. You stare at them in the store and watch them as they walk by on other women’s feet like they are an old boyfriend you can ever go out with again. I don’t remember seeing the rule that tall, thin girls couldn’t wear heels. No white after labor day…I remember hearing about that. Don’t wear socks with sandals…I remember that one but nope nothing about tall women can’t wear heels. Was it at during a Tall Women Weekly Meeting? Cause I’m not part of that club. I’m in the Short and Thick Club.

Stay Away From

  • Pointy shoes

    • Why – They will make you appear more tall and skinny

  • Wide Heels

  • Platform heels

    • Why – They will look very odd on your body and make your ankles look chunky.

Go For It Shoes

  • Ballerina Flats

  • Gladiator Flats

  • Heels with straps

  • Medium heights boots

  • Stilettos

Body Type

Tall and Muscular Body

You kick butt and you know it. However, occasionally you might want to trade in your gym shoes and put on a pair kick butt pair of heels and get all dolled up for a night out. You don’t want that physique that you’ve worked so hard for to be diminished by a simple pair of shoes do you? Of course not. That’s why we are here to help you out.

Stay Away From

  • Ballerina

  • Flats

  • Rounded to pumps

  • Kitten heels

  • Small Squared Heels

    • Why – They will add weight to your legs, make your appearance look blunt, and make you look heavier.

Go For It Shoes

  • Wedge heel (with a 2-3 inch heel)

  • Stilettos

  • Pointy

  • Open toed

  • Boots – It might be hard to wrestle your toned calves into a pair of calf-hugging boots. Look for a soft suede boot with side zippers. It also doesn’t hurt to find one with a bit of slouch.

Body Type

Medium Body – Normal height with slim figure

You’ve seriously got the easiest body to dress in terms of shoes. There is nothing that you can’t wear that won’t look good. You are blessed with perfect height and the perfectly slim body. There is no shoe you cannot pull off. So just go….just go and let the rest of us covet what we cannot have.

Stay Away From


Go For It Shoes


Body Type

Medium and Thick Body

Stay Away From

  • Ballerina

  • Flats

    • Why – They will make you look thicker

Go For It Shoes

  • Wedge heel

  • Heels

  • Stilettos

  • Just about anything else besides flats

Good news is that if you are looking for something that can be your universal perfect go to shoes just in case you lose weight, gain weight, shrink or rub a magic lamp and grow 4 inches, a killer pair of stilettos with no straps is it.They look great on every body type, and I cannot think of any outfit that a pair of stilettos does not look awesome with. Jeans and white T…perfect. Sundress…prefect. Shorts……if you do it right, perfect. If you think of an outfit, there is probably a way to wear stilettos with it.

Someone probably just thought swimsuits? Yes, absolutely. It isn’t trashy, impractical or silly. It elongates a pair of legs, and you will instantly look thinner and taller. That’s something we all want. Just remember the strap rule if you fall in that group. Even though it’s heading into fall here are a few tips in case anyone is heading out on vacation or happens to live in one of those beautiful southern states on the beach or Hawaii.

  • Try wedges

  • Open toe

  • The shoe should reveal as much of your feet as possible (perfect time for a pedi)

  • Avoid shoes with too much fabric

Hope this helps you find the perfect shoe for your body type!