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It’s always been a well-known fact of life that herbal remedies can work wonders for our health and well being. Health food stores, especially Chinese herbal stockists, have already made us well aware that there is a plethora of opportunity to improve our health waiting on their shelves. But instead of spending a fortune on obscure products, perhaps there is an answer waiting closer than we think, in the comfort of our own food cupboards.

Always fans of a healthy approach to lifestyle, Boon Models (one of the most prominent up and coming NYC modeling agencies) have put together for you a list of some of the herbs out there, that you might not have expected can be your new health saviors:

Ginger to settle your stomach

Not only does ginger help ease the symptoms of nausea and digestive issues, but it actually makes your body sweat from the inside out, which sounds horrible but is actually ridding you of all the nasty toxins. This in turn leaves us feeling less bloated and in an altogether better mood.

Sage to help you remember…

That’s right, sage aiding your memory isn’t actually a myth. It is totally true according to scientific research and makes a very tasty addition to cooked meals, so be sure to sprinkle some on your next Sunday dinner.

Turmeric for joint pain

Traditionally an Indian spice added to many foods, turmeric actually possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that assist with joint and muscle pain. This herb is best served in curries and Asian delicacies but you can even just add some to plain rice to get the nutrients in there and add a golden yellow color to your meal.

Cinnamon to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is a common addition to coffee, porridge and many different kinds of dessert but did you know it can also be used as a great regulator for our sweet tooth? The scientific show that cinnamon can lower blood lipid levels and pretty much even out the levels of sugar and fat in our system, so don’t be afraid to add a generous helping to anything you think it would suit. Why not try seasoning dark meat’s with it? Trust us, it’s worth a try.

Cayenne Pepper to help your digestion

Most of us love adding pepper to our meals but were you aware that it can considerably boost your metabolism? Therefore, if you can add it to your lunch before working out it can have significant benefits and has also on occasion been seen to lower blood pressure.

Mustard Plant for Asthma sufferers

Containing notable amount of magnesium and selenium, mustard is a lesser know miracle addition to our meals – especially for asthma sufferers wherein it can alleviate associated symptoms. Some people even claim that it can lower your risk of cancer but without enough scientific background the jury is still out on that one. Either way, if you are a mustard fan this is good news.

With everything else going on around New York Fashion Week, it is easy to forget to stay hydrated, which is one of the most important factors to keep us fit, healthy and ready for the next few chaotic weeks. Therefore, along with many of the key modeling agencies in New York, here at Boon Models we are keeping a close eye on our agents and models, helping them to stay on top form with these simple tips for hydration:

  1. Start your day with a juice

Many fruit and vegetables are absolutely teaming with water and nutrients for a slow release. Cucumbers are particularly amazing if you’re able to blend them into your juice because they are made up of an astonishing 95% water.

  1. Breakfast is important

Undoubtedly one of the most important meals off the day and all the more for keeping our bodies evenly hydrated. The best choice here is watermelon which again is jam-packed full of water and, more importantly, tastes delicious.


  1. Prepare some strategic snacks (meals are never on time at fashion week!)

Raw fruit and vegetables are the best source of natural water so – without sounding too ‘uncool’ – try and prepare some chopped carrots and peppers to keep in your bag for if you’re feeling any sudden bursts of hunger. Another alternative is to freeze a banana overnight and slice it in the morning to keep it fresher for longer. The added bonus with this tip is that bananas also give you tons of energy which, trust us, you will definitely need.

  1. Coconut water is your new best friend

It would seem that the organizers at fashion weeks globally have clocked on to the underlying need for everyone to stay hydrated. Therefore, coconut water is becoming all the more prominent at launches, after-parties and in many designer ‘goody-bags’. It’s not hard to see why either, considering that some experts have claimed that it can be even more hydrating than water itself.

  1. Wherever possible, add some lemon

I’m aware that this sounds slightly strange but whenever there is an option for a hot drink always try and go for a lemon-orientated option, whether it’s an accompaniment for tea or just on its own with hot water. The vitamin C that lemons contain is an absolute Godsend and your body will thank you for drinking as much of it as you can.

So there you have it, a basic guide to the art of hydration. You will notice a distinctive lack of the words ‘Drink Water’ but this obviously goes without saying. However, experts have actually gone as far as to say that we can do more harm than we think by chugging down too much water so maybe next time give it some thought and opt for an option with a slower release.

Although you might not think it, designers, stylists, modeling agencies in NYC – and the world alike – are very much in tune with different types of female body shape. To put it bluntly, you definitely don’t have to be a size zero to dress designer, but if you are naturally then that’s ok too. Their clothes are even constructed with different body shapes in mind so here at Boon Models we have put together a bit of a breakdown for you, with some helpful tips thrown in. You are welcome!

  • For straight body-types (lacking an hour glass shape that is synonymous with traditional ideas of femininity) a ruched hemline will add those sought after curves by gathering in at your waist. If you ever needed any inspiration for a womanly silhouette then Vivienne Westwood is your go-to designer.
  • If you have more of a pear-shaped figure (bigger bottom and thighs) then try to avoid anything pleated, as this will draw attention to it. Smoother textures are far better for outlining your figure in a positive way.
  • Another tip for those who would rather steer attention away from the bottom half of their bodies is to wear pale color on your top half and a darker, more defining shade on the lower. This also rather magically works the other way around if you would rather play down the size of your chest.
  • If your ample chest is the problem then have no fear, plenty of designers are adopting horizontal strips into their repertoires. However, try to stick to striped tops that have a solid color on the sleeve, and don’t see the stripes going all the way up the neckline, otherwise this will have an adverse effect.
  • If you have a broader physique than the peplum shape is a dream come true. This is because their lines bring you in at the waist and then flair out again to define your shape.
  • If you’re legs appear skinnier than you’d like then try to avoid boots and thicker heels because these will only make them look skinnier. Pointed stilettos and stylish flats (like those of footwear designer Charlotte Olympia) are ideal for the smaller leg.
  • If, alternatively, you’d like your legs to look a bit longer then you can try wearing pantyhose or socks that are the same color as your shoes. The trick here is that you do this when your ankles are visible otherwise there’s pretty much no point!
  • If you consider yourself on the petite side then try and manoeuvre your waistband slightly above the normal line to give the illusion of a longer physique. Another tip for elongating the figure is to choose one total color for your entire outfit, much in the style of Ralph Lauren’s latest collection.
  • For those of you out there who might be pregnant or define yourself as more of an apple-shape then the simple edition of a long pendant will make your torso look longer. Try it now if you’ve got one to hand – amazing right?

Lastly, a little bit of a tip for all of you out there. Whatever your body shape, you are all beautiful in your own unique ways and should choose clothes that inspire you with confidence. This is widely displayed in the amount of different shapes and sizes of celebrities we have acting as our role models in this day and age, all the way from the petite physique of Kate Moss through to the noticeably curvy Kim Kardashian. Therefore, the best trick is to follow the style of a celebrity you admire, who represents your body shape demographic, and then you will have a constant stream of ideas for ways to embody their confidence.

It has been quite a serious winter in the world of fashion, with many designers adding a darker, more courageously structured aesthetic to their collections. There is certainly nothing wrong with this at all as we all love to cover up in the colder months but now with summer approaching, and indeed festival season, then it might be time to consider adding some brighter vibes to your look.

Here at Boon Models – one of the top modeling agencies in Tampa, DC and NYC – we are always a fan of bright and colorful trends and this year the talk of the town is dying your hair a crazy color. This craze, albeit not for everyone, has swept the celebrity world on the likes of Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne and Kristen Stewart, and if you have the guts to give it a go we highly recommend it for the following reasons…

  1. A New lease of life.

Dying your hair, whichever color you choose, be it pink, purple, or even blonde or brunette, will make you feel like a million dollars. This is because you will feel so different and have the freedom and confidence to do things you perhaps had never considered before.

  1. Freedom of expression.

Making a bold statement with your hair color can definitely be considered one of the best ways to express your inner personality and creativity. Even if you are just changing the color of your hair by just a slight tone, it is all about what this means to you and how good it makes you feel about yourself.

  1. It is Super-Chic.

This is kind of the material point really but bright and bold hair color couldn’t be more ‘in’ right now. And with Coachella and other major festivals approaching there is no better way to epitomize boho-chic than a wacky hair color, or maybe even just a dip dye. There are plenty of options, even if you just want to try it out with a wash out temporary dye.

  1. It won’t last forever.

This is what we like to call the ‘Cinderella Effect’, in that we can’t maintain really ‘out there’ hairstyles forever, because the genetic make-up of our hair simply won’t allow it (without causing major damage anyway). Therefore, if we know the fun is going to have to come to an end at some point we are much more likely to make the most of it and enjoy it to the full.

  1. You’ll be the toast of the town.

Especially if you are going for a super ‘out there’ color like blue or pink, people certainly won’t forget your bravery. And trust me, this will be remembered for a long time and your style credentials will be taken to the next level.

There as never been a more important time to share the remarkable work of female role models than now and what better way to do this than by using fashion as your secret weapon? This must have been the mode of thinking for Miami-based designer/illustrator Elisa Rodríguez-Vila, who has taken the world’s most influential designer fashion campaigns and re imagined them by incorporating ‘real life super women’.

The inspiration behind this shoot lies with the latest Céline campaign, which has uniquely incorporated 80 year-old writer Joan Didion, looking super-chic I might add, in her huge iconic sunglasses. Of her muse, Elisa stated that this campaign had reinvigorated her perspective and inspired her to adapt the strong influence that alternative role models still have. Well, there’s a compliment and a half – having an entire project shaped around you – but rightly so in our opinion.

Designers, stylists and modeling agencies in NYC (and all across the country) will no doubt be raving about this shoot but one might expect that it came with a certain amount of risk for Elisa Rodríguez-Vila. But apparently not. When asked about the campaign Elisa stated:

‘The crazy idea of casting women who don’t fit the supermodel mould – yet are super heroes in real life – is actually not that crazy at all (…) Choosing these women wouldn’t be a risk, it would be a sure-fire hit.’ (Elisa Rodríguez-Vila – Fuse – February 2015)

In the first of the images we see Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg representing Chanel, much in the style of a modern-day Mona Lisa. The black and white aesthetic combined with Ruth’s intense stare absolutely takes your breath away and will no doubt have impressed even the master himself Karl Lagerfeld.

Next up Elisa chose LGBT activist Laverne Coz (whom you will probably recognize from Orange is the New Black) to insert the bolder, more colourful approach that you’d typically expect from a Versace campaign, which sees her sitting on a brightly colored bed staring intently into the lens of the camera.

Another exciting addition to Rodríguez-Vila’s project was feminist Gloria Steinem for Chloé which, in a similar strain to Bader Ginsburg, perfectly encapsulated the intensity of the woman combined with the power of the brand. Other inspirational women recruited for the project included writer Roxane Gay, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, Mo’Ne Davis for Céline and transgender rights activist Janet Mock for Calvin Klein.

So it would seem that success, determination and inspiration are the new cool attributes for women to embody and what a fantastic message that is, to be putting out there. We can only hope that other photographers and innovators follow suit so that we can see more of the inspirational women that have helped to shape our generation.

It can’t have escaped your notice that we are in the midst of the calm before a very big storm. That’s right, you guessed it, that exciting inimitable storm that is fast approaching is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Here at Boon Models, we take great pride in the fact that some of our best talent will be taking to the catwalks, along with that of some of the key NYC modeling agencies, not to mention other supermodels from across the globe.

But what are we to do in this interim before the countdown starts? It isn’t only the models and designers that have to be on top of things, that’s for sure. The rest of us also have to make sure we’re looking our best all the way from agents to make-up artists to stylists to photographers. Even if you’re purely a spectator, with speculative photographers perched around every corner ready to snap the latest trends, anyone is a target. Therefore, we have taken the time to put together for you a little breakdown of some of the key 2015 trends that you might want to think about incorporating into your outfits:

1. Flower Power

As we’ve already stated previously, modern florals are a must for 2015. Spring is in full swing and hence the patterns on the catwalk have followed suit. But not just any florals… These are bright, color-popping, vibrant bursts of floral mayhem making their way on to everything from the traditional summer dress to high wedge heels and handbags.

2. 70s ‘Jetset Cool’

As previously stated in our article A ‘How-To’ Guide for Modern Florals*, the 70s are very prominent in many designer collections such as that of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. To simplify the term ‘jetset cool’ just picture a whole lot of suede, gigantic round Victoria Beckham-style sunglasses and of course the inevitable flared trousers or jeans. Envisaging Charlie’s Angels and Studio 54 is definitely a good place to start if you’re running low on ideas.

3. Rock Star Chic

The ankle boot has never been more prominent in the fashion world than it is at the moment. Tommy Hilfiger have taken this one step further by adding metallic stars to their boot collection in altogether David Bowie mix of rock star chic. To take this to the next level, definitely think about reviving you leather jackets, especially if they are tailored or smart.

4. Suit Up

By this we mean bust out the uniform because Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs have made it very clear that there is a military discipline underlying the SS15 trends. It doesn’t have to be simple – D&G never are – but it definitely has to match. If you want to take this even further and invest in some long tailored shorts, paired with a military jacket, we very much salute you.

5. Classic Denim

There has never been a better time to invest in a great pair of jeans. With denim taking over our everyday fashion needs – with an added 90s twist** – you’ll be happy to know that designers (along with the rest of us here at the key New York modeling agencies are placing their trust in denim for daytime and evening looks.

Twelve Top Time-Saving Hairstyles

With New York Fashion Week well and truly in motion (taking place form 12-19th February 2015) and so many shows to be watched and parties to be attended, it is always a welcome notion to be served some time-saving beauty tips to help free up some of our valuable time. Therefore, Boon Models (one of the top modeling agencies in Tampa, New York and Washington DC) have put together a list of sure-fire ways to keep looking your best without having to spend hours getting ready. You are welcome!

1. The Classic Messy Pony Tail

One of the most uniquely feminine, stylish ways to wear your hair. All you need to do is backcomb it a bit beforehand, add a little dry shampoo if you have some to hand and then whack it up with a hair elastic. If you want to add even more prettiness to the equation then you could even tie a ribbon the ponytail itself.

2. Basic Beach Waves

Simpler than you might think, all you need to do is plait individual sections of your hair and then run over them with a straightening iron. You’ll be surprised how well the waves hold but make sure you add some hair spray afterwards, or even better, sea salt spray, for a more natural look.

3. The Top Knot

Literally just a case of gathering your hair all in one in your hand, twisting around and bringing it to the top of the head before curling into a bun. The joy of this look is that the messier it looks the better so don’t be afraid of any lumps and bumps that appear.

4. Utilize the Bangs

By this, we mean that if you don’t have the time to dedicate to your overall hair then how about twisting the fringe and pinning in the centre of the scalp. Make sure you start with a center-parting to make this a whole lot easier on yourself.

5. The Side Fishtail Braid

The fishtail plait (or braid) has made a comeback in recent years and is especially popular for stylish young businesswomen. This is mainly due to the fact that it looks remarkably good with a tailored blazer but your options are pretty much endless. It also looks oh-so-chic in the summertime with a tea dress or midi-skirt. Or maybe even just a t-shirt and denim shorts.

6. The Low Braid Bun

Such a great hairstyle if you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal effort. All you need to do is tie your hair up in a very low center ponytail. Then fold the ponytail in on itself and pin up the rest of the hair so that you can’t see any strands hanging down. This style also transcends perfectly from day to night, so takes the heat off worrying about your evening attire.

7. Add a scarf to the mix

This is actually as easy as it sounds. Even if you want to leave your hair down then wrap a thin scarf around your head, tying a bow underneath the hair so the ends are not visible. Otherwise you can experiment a bit further by tying the bow at the top of the head, in a 1940s ‘off-duty burlesque’ style.

8. The Beehive

Be ready to do a bit of backcombing here with this super stylish 60s classic. First of all take a center section of hair from the top of the head and twist around before pinning underneath so that you can’t see the strands of hair. Follow in a similar style as you work your way down the back of the head. This sounds much more complicated than it is but once finished makes for a great evening up-do.

9. The Side Bun

This style adds more of a dramatic twist so be prepared to rock it with a super-stylish outfit. You should start by tying your hair in a ponytail behind one of your ears and then tying your hair in a loose knot. Before you pull tightly add some bobby pins to the edges of the bun so that you’re left with a great texture and size. Hair spray is a definite must for this too, so have it out ready to go before you start styling.

10. Dramatic Side Pony Tail

Perhaps a more modern take on the classic ponytail, the messy side pony is just as easy to achieve and adds a bit more of a dramatic ‘edge’ to the look. You’re going to need to have your best comb or tangle-teezer at the ready for this because the key to the drama is in the backcombing. As we said earlier dry shampoo really helps to add the volume and hold the style so be sure to have this ready to go. Then once you’ve achieved your desired volume gather your hair to the side and tie up with your hair elastic.

11. Style up the Bobby Pins

It’s becoming more and more common to see people making the most of their bobby pins and creating various shapes and textures to make them a focal point. One of the most popular examples of this is the ‘bobby pin triangle’, where you simply gather the top section of the hair and pin it down using three pins and strategically placing them in a triangular shape.

12. The Alice Band

Alongside her amazing preppy style, any of you Gossip Girl fans out there would have been in awe of Blair Waldorf’s hair looking flawless at all times. She was certainly clever about this though seeing as it would have only taken a couple of minutes to strategically place her ‘Alice band’ over her well groomed locks, thus topping off the preppy persona. This really is as simple as it sounds and if you’re feeling daring you can even opt for an embellished headband, which is a style gaining increasing popularity at fashion weeks worldwide.

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There are those that might think that all models, especially the ones we refer to as ‘super’ are genetically gifted and working out is one thing they don’t have to worry about once they’ve been scouted. Well, to anyone that thinks this I have to turn around say to them “you couldn’t be more wrong, my friend”. As any of you serious working models know, looking your absolute best for shoots and shows is part of the job description and those who aren’t prepared to take this seriously at all times tend to fall at the first hurdle.

So for those of you aspiring models out there who already have the right amount of determination and drive, it is all about finding a workout regime that that gives you the best results. Of course you shouldn’t be afraid to work hard and really sweat it out when you’re in the gym, but surely there has to be a way to enjoy it too? Well, I’m happy to say that there is a new craze hitting models across the country and that is all thanks to New York based ex-dancer Simone De La Rue, who has created the eponymous ‘Body By Simone’ workout. And that’s right, you guessed it ladies, this workout has quite a lot to do with getting on your feet and dancing…

Due to the fact that Simone is taking on more and more celebrity model clients (having set up studios in New York and LA) including Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Abby Lee (not to mention celebrities such as Naomi Watts and Anna Hathaway), New York modeling agencies are rushing to get their clients on the roster. There is a reason this craze is gaining momentum so fast and that is the fact that dancers and models want the same things from their bodies: beautiful, elegant, long limbs that make use of every muscle they were blessed with.

So what does this workout entail? As you can imagine, the dancing link inevitably involves a great deal of strategically thought out hops, skips and jumps – with the added bonus of having a mini trampoline thrust underneath you to get the sweat running even harder. There is also the freedom to whack the music on full-blast to keep those endorphins running high – not always something the strictest trainers allow. Simone also apparently has a built-in rule that none of her clients should lift more than 5lbs at a time and instead focus on more repetitions to balance out their strength and muscle tone. A fair point I think.

As with all dancer mentalities there is also a keen focus on core strength and much in the style of the top ballerinas, you must learn to find your centre of balance. This, rather painfully, involves holding leg lifts and the dreaded plank for considerable amounts of time (I’m sorry I could never lie to anyone about that) but the amazing thing is that the results start to become apparent incredibly quickly. This isn’t just a singular focus on a certain part of your body, after all. This is a complete overhaul.

So, if you like what you hear and want to actually enjoy your workouts, my advice to you is to get your butt down to the ‘Body by Simone’ studio and sign up as quickly as possible before all the other modeling agencies in NYC catch on and you’re left on a two year waiting list. Judging by all accounts, Simone really is that good.

Boon Models has no affiliation with ‘Body by Simone’.

Now, I know that spring is fast approaching and that is definitely a reason to be excited, but if you haven’t already invested in a stylish yet reliable coat for the cold weather then it is still very much worth doing so. It is still February after all and your trusty coat – whichever choice you make – will be like your best friend keeping you company on those freezing walks around fashion week and the even colder nights dashing back and forth from all the parties.

 Here at Boon Models we cannot wait to get the countdown to fashion week started but we know it is going to signal a time of glorious chaos where – along with other New York modeling agencies – our models will be running all over town for castings, fittings and the all-important shows themselves. Therefore, we very much advocate that a warm coat is a must for everyone.

 When it comes down to SS15 style in the coat department, designers have very much found a fork in the road leading them to either base their designs on a long or short structure. For instance, if I can cast your minds back towards last year to the highly coveted ‘Chanel Supermarket’ catwalk in Paris, then you might be able to remember most of the models were parading crop-top pant-suits and trainers, all brought together with floor length coats embodying their trademark tweed. This was, by far, the most defining aspect of the show and has been spotted out and about on many a model or celebrity. Céline also followed suit in a similar way to Chanel but with a slightly more androgynous undertone leading the way for Calvin Klein and Tibi to take it to the next level with fur-embellished masculine structures. Oh how I love a fashion juxtaposition!

 If it’s a short coat you’re after, designers such as Saint Laurent and Gucci have got you covered. Furthermore, the traditional duffel coat style is incredibly prominent and looks fantastic with pretty much any outfit, especially our beloved jeans. Of course, it is well worth noting that short coats definitely won’t keep you as warm as their long counterparts but with woollen and layered options galore, you’re sure to find something that works. Don’t forget, you might also get more wear out of a shorter coat because it will still be eligible to be worn in the early spring/summertime. But we are merely here to show you what’s out there; the choice at the end of the day is always yours.

 It isn’t just here in New York that we feel the need to invest in a good coat. Modeling agencies in Washington DC , Tampa and LA are also jumping on the bandwagon because there is just as much problem with the cold all across the country. Furthermore, seeing as we spend around 30-40% of our lives wearing coats and jackets, we definitely don’t see any harm in looking stylish whilst doing so.

In case you hadn’t noticed, spring has well and truly arrived and with it the feeling of excitement for new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. And so, in the spirit of experimentation and mixing things up a bit, let me ask you this: have you ever thought about giving your hair a makeover? So many of us tend to stick to the same hairstyles for years on end when little did we realize that there are so many different ways we can be experimenting, thus spurning our confidence and creativity.

Always fans of changing it up a bit, Boon Models (one of the top emerging modeling agencies in New York, DC and Tampa) have put together for you a few suggestions – some bolder than others – to get your creative juices flowing in the hair department.

Suggestion #1 – Get to the ‘root’ of the issue.

This is mainly for all you ‘blondies’ out there. Have you ever thought about darkening your roots? This might seem like an alien thought but it is apparently an approach that many hairstylists are adopting to take the heat off highlighted hair and give you more room to breathe instead of worrying about having a full ‘helmet’ of blonde all the time.

As we’ve just said, this transition might not be an easy one, but try and think in terms of Carrie Bradshaw circa Sex and the City Season 6 and you’re on the right track. Your hair will also thank you in the long run for not having to constantly bleach the life out of it.

Suggestion #2 – Subtle Streaks.

At the risk of sounding repetitive from previous articles, we are here to reiterate once again that bold streaks of risqué hair color are incredibly fashionable right now. And no, this doesn’t have to mean going back on our previous point about not ‘over-dying’ your hair. With so many temporary colors out there you don’t have to worry about the long term consequences and can also try out as many different colors as you like, in as short amount of time as you like.

What’s stopping you?

 Suggestion #3 – Is a blow-dry really necessary?

It is a common misconception that blow-drys are all about ‘the bigger and better’ approach. Nowadays, hairstylists are actually advocating that this could be a bad thing because it puts your hair into contact with way too many heated products that have considerable damaging effects.

Instead, why don’t you think about choosing a sleek and fashionable hairstyle that doesn’t require so much maintenance and products? This is the new challenge of hairdressers across the globe, seeing more and more styles such as the low maintenance ‘bob’ taking precedent. It is a hairstylist’s job at the end of the day to keep their clients looking their best, now with a minimal amount of effort. And quite frankly, what could be better than waking up with your hair all ready and good to go? This is definitely a suggestion we’re going to look into.

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