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With NewYork Fashion Week now in full swing,  you would be forgiven for letting a few things slip through the net i.e not eating at regular times, not getting enough sleep… But letting your make-up standards slip is simply not acceptable, especially with the  amount of people you’ll be wanting to impress. Therefore, Boon Models (on of the top NYC modeling agencies of the moment) have put together for you a list of pointers for you to stop your lipstick smudging and rubbing off within twenty minutes – especially with the amount of air kisses that will be going on… On that note, we must reiterate once again, do not actually kiss people on the cheek when you greet them. They won’t thank you for the mark you leave, and you certainly won’t thank yourself from rubbing off all the hard work you’ve put in  to applying it

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Tip #1 – Dedicate some time to your lips’ health

By this we mean: take the time for the next few weeks to consciously apply chaptick or ‘lip balm’ to your lips whenever you’re not wearing lipstick. As we’ve said in previous articles, most lip protectors contain SPF and add valid moisture that is so easily lost in the cold weather.

Tip #2 – When you come to apply, swap the chapstick for a primer

Going back on tip #1 slightly here, it is essential that when you actually come to apply your lipstick that you make sure there are no residual oils left from your chapstick. Therefore, you should either wipe your lips clean or not apply your chapstick for an hour beforehand.

Lip primers are specifically designed to go underneath your lipstick and will give the sensitive skin on your lips notable protection, whilst also forming a great base.

Tip #3 – Experiment with your lip pencil

You may or may not be aware of the ‘lipgate’ headlines in the press surrounding Kylie Jenner, but it basically dances back and forth between whether or not she’s had surgery on her lips. She and her sisters claim not and say it is actually the handy-work of a lip pencil.

Whether Kylie is telling the truth or not, you can definitely take on this way of thinking by applying a whole layer of your chosen pencil to your lips before applying the lipstick itself.

This adds a noticeable solidity to the overall color you’ve chosen and can even make your chosen color last up to ten times longer.

Tip #4 – Choose a specifically stated ‘long lasting’ lipstick formula

It definitely helps if you go with a brand that has given the ‘long-lasting’ idea some thought. You will often find ingredients such as silicone, mainly in matte shades, last for a longer time but there are now so many options that it is worth speaking to your local make-up counter assistant.

Tip #5 – Blot Blot Blot

This is definitely something we’ve mentioned in previous articles but it really does seem to be the trick of the industry: blot and reapply.

The best way to do this is to apply your lipstick then reach for a tissue, put it between your lips and gently close your mouth on it (not too hard). Repeat this at least two times and you should be all set.

There is no denying that it is an incredibly exciting time of year in the fashion industry. With the first wave of New York Fashion Week well underway, this very much signifies that we can start getting excited about summer, or at least some very welcome spring sunshine filtering through the clouds to brighten up the city. Being advocates of looking your best all year round, Boon Models (one of the most exciting up-and-coming New York, Tampa and Washington DC modeling agencies) have put together for you a bit of a guide to choosing the best pair of sunglasses to match the shape of your face. These are, after all, going to be a year-long accessory and, even though now is the best time to invest in anticipation of summer, there is nothing to stop you wearing them all year round once you’ve found the perfect pair. So be sure to take note.

If you have a… a Round Face

For people with rounded facial features, it is best to go for a pair of sunglasses that have a larger overall frame, preferably wider than your face. The ‘Wayfarer’ brand of Raybans are particularly flattering for rounder faces because of their bold and creative designs that help to add definition, which is key if you fit into this bracket.

It is best to avoid rounder frames because it won’t do your features any favors in the definition department. Rectangular frames are a much better bet.

If you have… a Square Face

If you are lucky enough to have a chiselled jaw line we take our hats off to you for sure, but it doesn’t necessarily make it the easiest thing in the world to find a perfectly shaped pair of sunglasses.

The trick here is to soften the appearance of your jaw line and ‘Aviators’ are great for this along with the ‘butterfly frame’ style for women.

One to avoid for the squarer face is any kind of detailing on the brow bar of the glasses. This means staying away from a double bar, or any kind of embellishment on the brow line that many sunglasses have incorporated n recent years.

If you have a… a Heart-Shaped Face

When styled with the right pair of sunglasses, people with heart-shaped faces can look absolutely stunning. One of the reasons for this is that you can take on more of a ‘vintage/retro’ look inspired by Hollywood legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Therefore, we highly recommend looking into ‘wrap-around’ and rectangular frames, being careful to keep to smaller, neater styles. ‘Wayfarers’ and ‘butterfly frames are again a great choice but just be sure to opt for a softer lense, maybe incorporating the famous tortoiseshell pattern.

If you have… an Oblong-Shaped Face

The key with an oblong-shaped face is to add width and an overall balance. Oversized frames are perfect for this, in the style of Dior or Dolce & Gabanna. Or you could even try a more rectangular frame with a blunter edge for an up-to-the-minute complimentary look.

Finally, we can officially say it’s springtime, and that means looking forward to the summer and finally some warmth greeting us here in the city. Ok, so we’re not quite there yet but now is definitely the time to be making plans. Whether this involves booking your vacation or even just planning some super cool summer outfits, there is pretty much a reason for all of us to perk up. And one of the things that we here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies) get incredibly excited about is the prospect of adding some color to our pale complexions, which we’ve been hiding for most of winter. This definitely doesn’t mean that we need to book ourselves a getaway in the sun. Oh no, with the amazing developments in fake tan that have taken place over the years there really isn’t any need at all. And what’s more, it is actually a lot less damaging to your skin so a win/win situation in our opinion.


The only thing that seems to put people off fake-tanning is the horror stories attached to the application process and tales of crazy tan-lines and uneven tones. But trust us, it really doesn’t have to be this scary. In fact, if you follow some of our tips you’ll have it pegged in no time. So get reading and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off a beach…

Tip #1 – Moisturize

We don’t just mean moisturizing before you apply the fake tan – which you must do. We mean moisturize, period. Your skin needs to be at its absolute best to get the most of fake tan and dry patches really won’t cut it. So now is the time to invest in a great body lotion if you haven’t got one already. Also, you must definitely not neglect the elbows and kneecaps or this could cause you considerable problems later on.

Tip #2 – Exfoliate

As we said before this does not mean exfoliating just before you apply, this simply won’t work. You need to adopt exfoliating (either with a body scrub or body brush that you can purchase from your local drug store) approximately once a week. You should also try and leave one day between exfoliating and applying your fake tan so that the skin has a chance to adjust.

Tip #3 – Invest in a pair of gloves

Latex gloves are a great suggestion because they will prevent the dead-set giveaway that your tan isn’t real: orange hands!

Tip #4 – Buff it Up

Body buffers are an essential for fake tanning and are used by professionals across the globe in order to ensure a smooth and even application. If you can get hold of a ‘buffing glove’ that combines the two essentials then you’re making your life a whole lot easier.

Tip #5 – Wear loose clothes

 You need to give the tan time to set so find your most comfortable loose outfit with minimal pulling on the body and keep it on for at least 4 hours.

Tip #6 – Don’t panic

If things go wrong then don’t fret, there is now an answer thanks to the guys at world-renonwned tanning company St Tropez which is called a ‘self-tan remover’. Basically this is a magical eraser that gives us all the freedom to relax a bit more and start over if we go wrong. Phew!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans… Is this even possible anymore? With so many designs on and off the rack out there for us to choose from, the sheer amount of choice is enough to drive anyone slightly crazy. But don’t worry; Boon Models – one of the top up-and-coming NYC and DC modeling agencies – are here to rescue you once again from another one of life’s dilemmas. So first of all, take a deep breath, and relax. One of the main stressful factors of jean shopping is panicking about how many different pairs you’re going to have to sift through, but if you take the following points into consideration you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re looking for:

  1. Make sure you’re wearing something simple, like a white t-shirt, before you leave to go jean shopping. You need a simple canvas to work with when making your choice and a modest top will make this much easier on the decision-making process.
  1. As fun as it is to go shopping with your friends, we’d recommend going this one alone and marking out a whole day to dedicate to it. Ok so it definitely takes a little of the fun out of it but you need to rely solely on your own opinion for this one and dedicate your full attention to the cause.

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  1. Give the waistband some thought when you’re trying on your jeans in the store. This means always testing out what they feel like when you sit down. Bare in mind that jeans always have a certain amount of ‘give’, seeing as the denim takes a while to find its shape. So if they feel loose now then it’s only going to get worse.
  1. Be sure to have your cell phone at the ready to take some selfies of each of the pairs you’re trying on, as you go along. This way you can take a break towards the end of the day, sit down with a coffee, and go through the photographs and be really honest with yourself about what suits you best. There is no better way to compare.
  1. If you are of an athletic build – like many models these days – the ‘boyfriend’ style of jean is a perfect match for you because they slim the calves and show off your best assets.
  1. If you are more on the slim side then skinny jeans are a definite option for you and will highlight your frame perfectly.
  1. Anyone who would describe their figure as a ‘pear shape’ is best opting for a mid-rise stretchy pair of jeans. It is also worth avoiding the high-rise options because these will draw attention to all the wrong places.
  1. For all of you ‘apple shapes’ out there, mid-rise, slim leg options are your ‘go-to’ style, adding more definition to your silhouette. Flares on the other hand are a ‘no-go’ because they’ll undo all of the hard work put into defining your shape.
  1. If you find the perfect pair of jeans and have a bit of room in your budget, you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase some variations in color. It makes sense, after all, when you think about how difficult it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans.

It’s a well-known fact of life; we all have to brush our hair on a daily basis (unless you’ve decided to take the plunge and go for the shaved head look, in which case I salute you). But have you ever given much thought to whether your chosen type of hairbrush is causing your hair any damage? If you’re anything like me then the answer is no, but when you take a closer look at the different options available for different styling techniques and hair types it’s easy to see that you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere down the line.

With so many different styles out there to choose from, it can be difficult to know which brush does what and don’t even get me started on the varying style of bristles. One thing’s for sure and that is that NYC modeling agencies like us here at Boon Models have to be on top of these things and know which style to recommend to our models and clients. Therefore, we have taken the time to put together a bit of a breakdown for you so that you know exactly what you’re choosing when you next visit the beauty store.

The Round Brush

A perfect ally for blow-drying, the round hairbrush gives you plenty of freedom to create added volume and texture. You can even take this a step further by investing in a ceramic-barrelled brush, which will work its magic on your hair like a curling iron. However, the main thing to watch out for here is that you don’t hold your hair too close to the blow-dryer as this can end up burning it and causing the dreaded frizz that we can all stand to live without.

The Teazing Brush

One of the magic weapons of hair stylists across the world. This thin boar-bristled brush is perfect for people with fragile hair as it can teaze the tangles out without causing any added stress or breakage. It is also perfect for delicate styling as it can easily manoeuvre smaller amounts of hair.

The Paddle Brush

You’d be best advised to consider this your basic everyday hair tool. With it’s protective bristles and minimal static, the paddle brush is perfect for thick hair that needs detangling and has even been said to promote hair growth.

The Vented Brush

This brush is the perfect choice if you need to blow-dry your hair in a hurry. The vents in the plastic stimulate airflow and will also give you an all round added texture. But the experts strongly advise that you take care when hair is really wet because it is particularly prone to breakage. Gently does it…

So there you have it, your basic guide to choosing the right hairbrush for your own personal needs. And here’s hoping that we’ve managed to save a few of you from those dreaded split ends and also from making the wrong choices when it comes to your next hair care investment.

Always fans of a health and beauty craze, here at Boon Models (one of the top emerging modeling agencies in Tampa, Washington DC and New York) we’ll be the first to admit that some sensations are harder to buy into than others – despite the fact that we always use a considerable amount of research to back up our features. However, in the instance of aloe vera it shouldn’t be too difficult to believe that it can be a miracle ingredient in more ways than one, especially due to its reputation for healing and soothing the skin. But were you aware just how many different ways that aloe vera (in particular the Aloe Barbadensis Miller strain) can be benefiting for you? Our resident expert Natasha Elhaj of Forever Living is here to enlighten us on the different ways we could be utilizing this magical plant.


Aloe Vera Gel

This might sound like a product meant for your skin but it is actually designed to be consumed in small amounts every morning, in order to promote a healthy digestive system. In the condensed form of the gel, this miracle beverage actually contains over 200 nourishing compounds and pretty much epitomises the best way you can be starting your day.

Aloe Vera Body Toner           

Also utilizing the aloe plant in gel form, it has actually been stated that aloe vera can tighten and firm your body by incorporating a deep-heating formula. Forever Living also specifically advocate that using cellophane wraps over the top of the toner can help you define your shape even more effectively.**

Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner         

Due to its widely recognized ability to preserve moisture – from the plant itself uniquely surviving the perils of desert terrain – it makes sense that aloe vera would be a great ingredient to add to your shampoos and conditioners. Especially in the cold weather when our hair is exposed to the elements, moisture preservation is absolutely key.

Aloe Vera Tooth Gel

That’s right, the aloe plant can also be incredibly beneficial for your teeth, with it’s unique cleaning capabilities and the ability to make them seem ‘shinier’. This is all the more effective when paired with magical ingredient bee propolis, which is actually used by bees to clean their hives.

Aloe Vera Detergent        

Leading on from possessing the ability to clean our bodies, it makes sense that aloe can actually clean our clothes too. Not only this, but it’s gentle formula will actually protect clothes from the damaging effects of washing that some other chemical-based detergents can cause.

Aloe Vera Make-up

It was only a matter of time before aloe made it’s way onto the ingredient list of a wide variety of cosmetics, not least because of its natural restorative qualities that hold the make-up in place whilst also protecting the skin.

So there you have it, Aloe Vera is pretty much taking over the world, and it’s really not hard to see why. After all, keeping things natural is always a nice option to have when our bodies are unwittingly exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis. So remember, you heard it here first: Aloe Vera is where the future of body, health and skincare lies.

It’s one of our most trusted tools, taking its place firmly in all of our make-up bags. Oh yes, the eyeliner is our cosmetic staple that holds the ability to take our looks from 1 all the way up to 100 with just one flick. And with New York Fashion Week on the horizon and all of the top NYC modeling agencies getting their girls in order, here at Boon Models we are here to tell you that statement eyeliner is an absolute ‘must’ for this season and here are just a few of the ways you can wear it, as advised by our resident experts:

The Classic Eyeliner Flick

Any fashionista worth their salt is going to want to learn how to do the classic eyeliner flick, which has the power to turn you into Bridget Bardot in one simple movement.

This process will be a whole lot easier if you invest in a liquid liner with a solid tip for application. You must then place the thinnest part of the tip on your upper lash line and glide outwards in the direction of the temple. The trick here is to release the pressure as you meet the outer part of your eye socket, hence creating a flick in the corner of your eyes.

Believe me, if you get this nailed you will barely need to worry about the rest of your make-up – your upper lash line will be the focus of everyone’s attention.

The Dramatic Wing

This technique takes on an altogether more daring approach to your eyeliner application. The good part is that if you’ve got the classic flick nailed then you’re onto a good start because you’ll need to do this first. Then once you’ve established your flick, you’re going to need to add a whole lot more drama to it by drawing directly across to create the effect of a bold straight line. If you want a really sharp pointed end to the flick then you should try twisting your eyeliner around at the tip.

This look is without a doubt an undeniable showstopper if you can pull it off, which we have every faith that you can.

The Understated Liner

In true seventies style, the lower lash is definitely making a comeback. And as we’ve previously stated, so is the look of the glossy top lid. Therefore, along with your trusty liquid eyeliner, you should also have a delicate barely-there pink cream eye shadow at the ready to be smoothed ever and then dabbed with a thin layer of gloss to make it set. Then, quickly and precisely outline the bottom lash line with your liner, making very sure that you add a thicker definition towards the outer corner. Your eyes will appear wider in no time.

It is a widely recognized fact that many people struggle to keep on top of what they’re eating on a daily basis, and furthermore, what impact this is having on their health. Everyday we’re told about another food that is going to cause us harm and the worry that this causes us alone, is enough to keep us up at night. Moreover, when it comes to knowing what is right to be eating before the gym and giving us the ‘right type’ of carbohydrate boost, the information overload is almost enough to blow our minds completely.

But fear not. Here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies) we have made it our mission to make your life easier in the fitness and diet department, whether you are an aspiring model, agent, stylist or photographer. Or even just a lover of exercise and/or food! Therefore, we have put together a list for you of some helpful tips for what you should be eating to give you energy boosts for exercise. You can thank us later.

The ‘Boosters’

  1. A widely renowned favorite: The Egg

Our good old friend, the egg, turns out to be quite the savior when we need it to be. And in this instance, taking into consideration that eggs are packed with protein – an essential for working out and defining muscle tone – then you should definitely opt to have them for breakfast an hour or so before heading to the gym. Also, be sure to add the yolk too to whichever style you decide as this is packed full of goodness and nutrients.

  1. Rye Bread

Considered one of the healthiest ways to ‘do bread’; rye bread – especially organic – is a great way to boost your energy without putting unnecessary additives from white bread into your system.

  1. A Juice or ‘Smoothie’

Juicing is incredibly popular at the moment, not only in the ‘gyming’ community but also with people across the world who struggle to inject the necessary essential fatty acids into their daily routine. Therefore, if you follow this way of thinking you should aim to have a smoothie at least an hour before the gym and pack it full with all the fruit and nuts you can get your hands on.

  1. Peanut Butter

The crunchier the better! Our homely favorite peanut butter is a great way for getting a slow-release burst of energy into your system before you work out. Why not considering spreading some on rye bread, to up your game even further?

  1. A Cup of Coffee

No, I’m not joking. It has actually been proven that caffeine can be our friend – sometimes. Therefore, if you have a cup in the hour leading up to your visit to the gym then you will find, not only that you get that well-known energy boost but also your metabolic rate will be slowed down (making it easier to burn fat) and there is even the welcome addition of some antioxidants thrown in there.

It might not have always been the case but in this day and age make-up artists across the globe consider the art of contouring one of their most valued assets. Unlike days gone by, when evenly toned flawless skin was the stuff that dreams are made of, nowadays make-artists have learnt that they can sculpt the look of a model’s entire face with their trusty weapon – the contour palette. Whether it is wider eyes, a chiselled cheek or jaw line or even a more sculpted nose, these are all things that are achievable now without needing to Photoshop a single thing.

So here at, one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in New York we have decided to give you a breakdown of all the basics so that you can learn to sculpt those cheekbones in a way you’d never dreamed of before. Happy contouring guys!

  1. Pick your shades carefully

When it comes to the art of contouring, it is best to learn straight away that dark and light shades are both essential, but for very different reasons.

Darker brown matte shades are most effective for absorbing the light (in areas such as the nose and lower cheeks) so utilize these in areas you want to diminish.

Then the medium/lighter golden shades come into play on areas you want draw attention to (like the tip of the cheekbones), henceforth reflecting the light.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

The experts would definitely advise you to invest in a contouring kit but if you’d rather buy the shades separately then a blusher or kabuki brush is highly recommended. Basically, any brush that has definition and can glide across the skin easily.

  1. The Cheeks

In order to achieve a sculpted model-style cheekbone, make sure you start with your chosen dark shade, bringing your brush diagonally from the top of the cheekbone down towards the jaw line. Then choose a more medium tone to gently dust the apples of the cheek. Finally, top this off with a light shimmery golden color on the top line of the cheekbone. You should see the difference immediately.

  1. The Nose

Firstly, take your brush and chosen darker shade and dust the sides of your nose, adding the slimming illusion of depth. Then take your lighter shimmer and sweep it evenly over the bridge of the nose.

  1. Finishing touches

To reinforce your look, you should never forget to add a bit of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks (adding a further dimension to the shape). Also, don’t be afraid to take your medium shade and dust the jawline, forehead and chin very gently to add a completely defined shape.

For those of you who are very particular about the contours of your face, you’re likely to see a difference immediately. But once you’ve got the hang of it after a few practices, why not play around with different amounts of powder to see what illusions you can develop? One thing’s for sure, contouring can be pretty addictive.

According to our make-up artist associates here at Boon Models, all too often they are confronted with the problem of eyebrow shaping. Perhaps even more importantly, eyebrow shaping that has gone wrong and needs some immediate emergency fixing. It is apparently so easy to get your eyebrow shape wrong if you don’t know the correct style that will match the structure of your face. However, if you listen to the professionals and get it right then the positive outcomes are seemingly endless, making you look younger, slimmer and even allowing you to wear less make-up.

Being one of the top NYC modeling agencies of the moment, Boon Models are lucky enough to have access to the top tips from the best industry professionals out there. This is definitely not a privilege we take for granted and have therefore decided to share with you a guide for choosing the correct eyebrow shape for your face.

So get your best set of tweezers ready and prepare to be amazed…

Round Face

It is of popular agreement amongst make-up artists that the rounder your face, the more angular you should aim to make your brow. This makes sense really when you think about the fact that rounder faces lack the same definition as others and a higher arch does wonders for adding delineation. Therefore, if you fit this category you should aim to gradually pluck from the bottom upwards to distinguish your brow’s arch, but be very careful not to make them look too slim.

Square Face

For those of you with more a square jaw line, it is really a similar philosophy to those with rounder faces but with an opposite approach. Therefore, you should aim to soften the eyebrow by making it rounder, consequently toning down the stronger definitions of your jaw. But please do be aware of the fact that making them too round may make you resemble a cartoon character… so gently does it!

Heart-Shaped Face

This is definitely one of the more complicated face shapes in terms of eyebrow choice, due to the fact that you’re sadly not at liberty to follow the Cara Delevingne bushy eyebrow trend and yet you also have to be careful not to make your brows too thin. It is not a lost cause though, don’t worry. All you really need to do is be careful to keep them well groomed at all times in a classic medium shape. This means investing in a great pair of tweezers and keeping a keen eye out for any stray hairs.

Long Face

If you think about the genetic make up of a long face, it is more ‘stretched out’ than others. This no bad thing at all with some of the most beautiful women in the world possessing this characteristic, but when approaching your eyebrows you must adopt a slightly different approach to others by making them look more extended. By extended, we mean the line of your brow should begin naturally and then gently point upwards in order to open up your features. Just be very careful not to sculpt the tail too much or you could run the risk of making the eyes look ‘droopy’.

If you need any further tips on eyebrow shaping, you’d be surprised how friendly your local make-up counter can be so don’t be shy about heading to the local department stores to ask for some tips. Alternatively, if you feel like treating yourself you could even book an appointment with a professional to have your brows shaped and this will teach you the right ways to approach it in the future.