Boon Models: Spotlight on Briy

Here at Boon Models, we take great pride in our reputation as one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in NYC, and as the run-up to New York Fashion Week commences, we thought we would share with you some focused coverage of our top talent and what exactly makes them so unique. First up on our spotlight feature is the incredibly talented Briy…

Briy’s journey first began when we scouted her years ago. Even from just one glance at Briy’s portfolio, it isn’t hard to see why she was such an obvious choice for us to add to our roster. Encapsulating a rare mix of urban edge, combined with a distinctive elegance, Briy’s range stretches far and wide across the fashion spectrum. Her 6ft frame combined with an impeccable athletic physique makes her a perfect candidate for up-to-the-minute campaigns, particularly focussed on the influential ‘fashion youth’ demographic.

Facially, Briy is unrivalled in her natural beauty, making her a perfect choice to display new hair and make-up trends as well as commercial and high-end fashion campaigns. Her dark eyes, white teeth and full lips really do make her the perfect canvas and it is clearly evident from her portfolio that make-up and hair stylists alike favor her sought after features to showcase their work.

Alongside various shows and advertising campaigns across the US (including H Street Festival), Briy is a regular at New York Fashion Week and is set to take to the runways for the AW15 season. At the tender age of her career as a model has only just begun and we advise you to keep your eyes firmly fixed on her for the future. Attracting the attentions of modeling agencies in New York, DC and LA (but to name a few), we consider Briy a most valuable asset to our roster and can’t wait to share her exciting projects with you.

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