Best Way to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots look great with anything and for this reason no girl can go without them. Just look at the catwalks where fashion shows are hosted that use models signed with Boon Models. The possibilities are endless when you have the perfect pair of ankle boots. In this article I will be taking a look at a variety of ways in which they can be worn. The different types available include wedges (my personal fave), cut-out, flat, heel, buckled, laced and many others.

  • The tuck

You can tuck your pants into the ankle boot if it is fitted enough to be worn this way. Leggings are especially handy for this style.

  • The rolled hem

Rolling up the hem of your trousers to give a little peek at the ankles underneath helps to make said ankle look slimmer while ankle boots often make it look stubby. Note that this look doesn’t work for wider pants so use it with skinny jeans or the like.

  • The cuffed hem

To link to the method above, a cuffed hem also shows of a bit of ankle to make it seem slimmer. Wear it with a long skinny as a longer cuff is more flattering than a short one.

  • The half cuff

This look is great for hanging out with the girls and if you have the cuffs folded back haphazardly it won’t seem like you tried too hard.

  • The layering of leggings and socks

This one adds bulk to your ankles which is the opposite of what is considered desirable and for this reason may not be an instant favorite. Using a neutral colored sock keeps attention from being drawn to the effect but this is amazing for winter. Use shorter socks to minimize bulk and avoid layering over jeans or it will add too much substance.

  • The monochrome

Using neutral colors from foot to hip takes attention away from where the ankle boot begins and if implemented correctly it could add length to your legs. Avoid dressing in the same color from head to toe and add a different colored blouse or just a scarf that adds a different color.

  • The color burst

Wearing your ankle boots with a brightly colored pair of tights is one way to add a dash of color that you won’t ordinarily wear.

  • The socks and legs

Socks are right on trend right now and if you wear your booties with socks in a color that is close to your skin shade it won’t cut of your leg which could make it seem shorter. When you wear it this way you need to keep the hemline of your skirt or dress above your knee.

  • The boots and dress

Wearing your military boot with an above-the-knee length dress creates a surprising yet interesting contrast.

  • The no tights

Wearing a skirt or dress with ankle boots doesn’t mean it has to be worn with tights. Get a lighter feeling by wearing the dress and boots without tights. A-line skirts work best due to the fact that it makes the ankles and legs look thinner.

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