Best Tech Gifts for Women in the Holiday Season

Buying gifts is awful. That is my humble opinion anyway. I never know what to buy but because I love giving I end up putting myself through this torturous activity year after year. I get so afraid that people will not like what I have to give but it will be worse if I do not get them anything. I would not be able to live with myself. This year I had a whole bunch of ladies that I had to get a gift for and one thing I knew was that they were tech crazy. I had a starting point so I turned to Google for some advice on gifts of the technical kind. This article is a list of what I came up with.

For The Fitness Freak

A fitness tracker or the like is sure to impress here but be sure that the one you get them knocks all the ones she already has out of the game as she is sure to have a few of her own wearables already. Not to namedrop or anything but Misfit Ray has an awesome fitness tracker that just needs to learn how to make coffee or pour wine in order to make it the perfect gift for each of your lady friends.

For The True Lady

This girl will not be fooled by anything you chose halfheartedly (even if she’ll never say anything) so you need to bring it. The Apple iPhone plus is sure to impress with its capabilities and style. She will also love one of those cameras that look like a little handbag but be sure to get one with a string of pearl shoulder band. A Gucci iPhone case will be great too.

For The Reader

There is a huge variety when it comes to eBook reading devices and your friend will thank you for giving her a more practical way of reading wherever she is than dragging her laptop all over.

For The Party Girl

When you are always rushing to the next party there isn’t much time to charge your phone. The problem is that you need your phone to be updated about the must attend parties you need to crash next. The solution is a very stylish bracelet charger. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your friend perfectly.

For The Goth

For those among your lady friends that understand that the absence of color is definitely the most flattering shade there are so many zombie Cameo printed items available that you’ll struggle in choosing just one. Make up a gift parcel with a few of these Cameo printed items, add a stunning Joya candle or two along with some long lasting black makeup and you are sure to impress her.

For the Outdoorsy Girlfriend

There is an array of cameras on the market and someone who likes the outdoors is sure to love a brand new camera to capture all their encounters with. You can also choose to get them one of those snazzy printers that allow you to print photos directly from your mobile device.

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