Best Make Up Tricks to Enhance Blue Eyes

There are so many makeup tricks that are known for enhancing the blue eyes making them pop up elegantly. The existence of this many make tricks has made it difficult for one to select the right to make up that she can use. If you are in the same situation, you need to worry less cause usually has got your back. Therefore, we are going to trip down and explore the best make-ups that meant for the blue eyes.

  • Matte Shadow.

The matte shadow is always the best substitute for the Sheer Shadow especially if you want to have that official look. This is because they usually bring out your eyes much better than any shadow. The addition of a small bit of Shimmer and shine is usually recommend if you go for this make trick during the night.

  • Navy Eyeliner.

When you have the blue eyes, then it is recommended that you do away with the black eyeliner and try out the navy eyeliner. It is usually known for brining the blue colour of your eyes in full force.

  • Avoid Blue shadows.

When you have the blue eyes, then one of the shadows that you need to keep away from is the Blue Shadow. If the eyes are those of the baby blue eyes, then you can try out the navy blue eyeshadows.

  • Sheer Shadow.

The blue eyes at times do not require a tonne of different eye shadows this because Blue is always regarded as a calm and intense colour. Therefore, to make the blue eyes pop its recommend that you go for the sheer shadows, at times you can also go for the lighter colours since they also work to their level best.

  • Overlap Colors

You can lay a tonne of a different colour if you have the blue eyes. For instance, if you are going for the sheer shadow then you can go for the different shades of the sheer. For example, you can select the light brown and the copper tonne.

  • Get rid of the Bottom eyeliner.

A bottom eyeliner is always perfect but not with the blue eyes; this is because the blue eyes usually look amazing without the bottom eyeliner. This is one of the tricks of making your eyes look bright and boxed in. If you can’t do away with the Bottom eyeliner, then you can consider going for the lower lashline and a white eyeliner so as to make your eyes look big and round.

  • Warm Hues.

The icy and calming colour blue makes it the best colour when it comes to combining it with warm hues. The perfect and warm hues that you can use when you have the blue eyes include the Brown, earthy tones.

  • Go Gold.

Gold usually forms the greatest pair of the blue eyes since it renders an elegant, classy and stunning combination. This leaves you looking fabulous throughout. It is one of the perfect combination with the blue eyes.

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