Best Holiday Party Styles in 2016

We all love a good party but before reaching the enjoyable part of actually attending the blast of the year you need to dress for it. We love dressing up but it can be tough to decide what to wear. We do not want to go overboard but we do not want to under dress either. Whatever you decide to wear, you need to only buy items that you will be able to wear again in future. I will be sharing a few ideas for your holiday party outfit in this piece.

The Go-To Outfits Pieces for Partygoers in 2016

  • Peplum tops are all the rage right now and it doesn’t matter what color they are, they will be a great choice for your outfit these holidays.

  • Tailored trousers are a timeless part of many a chic outfit and it could be so for your special outfit too. Trousers can be paired with a huge variety of tops, jackets, stoles, coats and shoes to get the most out of them but they can be dressed down for a more casual setting too.

  • The little black dress will never go out of style and this is a great thing. There are nothing as stylish (and slimming) as your favorite black number and you can add a pop of color if you so wish to liven it up a bit.

  • Sheer is definitely a wonderful addition to any outfit and you can wear sheer without looking cheap. By covering the strategic spots with short tights, petticoats or camisoles you can look hot while covering your ‘bases’.

  • It is the season of fireworks and lights so you should not be bland in comparison. A bit of bling may be just the thing to get into the party swing. Just the right amount of shine can do wonders for the overall look but you are not competing with the Christmas tree so keep it on the simple side.

  • Don’t duck away from embellishments as they may be just what an outfit is in need of to turn your dress up zero into your absolute hero. Suddenly a drab and boring top gets a new lease on life as a one of a kind masterpiece without you spending hundreds of dollars on that boutique number.

A little secret of my own is going with minimalism. Dress in a plain but functional dress and then carry different accessories in your car. The jewelry, handbag and shoes can dress you up or down depending on what you want to achieve. By keeping these things in the car you can see what others are wearing as you park and then quickly accessorize before you get out of your vehicle. In the end you need to be comfortable in what you wear or you will not enjoy the blast you are at. Just keep in mind that comfortable doesn’t have to be a sweatsuit or sleepwear. You can be just as comfortable in a great looking dress or pair of trousers that fit you well.

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