Best Haircuts in 2016

Getting a haircut to make you look as good as the guys and girls at Boon Models is guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars but you need to find the style that suits you taste as well as your face and body shape. This is no easy feat but luckily your hair dresser can give you great advice in this regard. In 2016 we saw celebs boasting stunning dos and we have quickly jumped on the band wagon to wear them ourselves. The top hairstyles for 2016 was as follows:

  • There was the blunt chopped bob as worn by Charlize Theron and before we knew it the cut was copied by many.


  • The asymmetric angled bob was another hit we couldn’t get enough of. This style worn by Jessica Chastain became the crowning glory of loads of fans.


  • Overgrown layers were one of the ‘unkempt’ styles that made a huge impact and how could it be any different with Lily Aldridge making it her own.


  • Fringed shag got a lot of attention as it became one of the easiest styles to don. Taylor Swift showed us exactly how it should be worn.


  • The lob with layers cut into points did a great job of showing us that the straight long style has been greeted for a last time (or so we thought). Alessandra Ambrosio showed how well this works with a longer face with a sharp chin.


  • Piecy textured hair of the soft kind is very Olsen and it had been for a while but it was established as such by being worn by Elizabeth Olsen securing it as the style of the Olsens as her sisters wore, like, forever.


  • A rounded lob makes for a soft look and can work with many face shapes. Sienna Miller wore this with as much grace and style as can only be expected from a star like her.


  • Mid length and long bangs are one of the styles that has been with us for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be going any ware as Emma Roberts demonstrates.


  • Selma Blair showed us just how pretty straight bangs can look on even-length hair. This could be the one place where even length hair still works. Just when we thought we gave it a final wave goodbye.


  • Very long layers are chic and stylish no matter how it is worn and it also suits many face shapes. Riley Keough showed us how hot it can be.

Remember that the style is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind. You also need to pay some attention to the color you wear. The color you use on your hair needs to be one that suits your skin shade. To use an example, black hair on light skin may leave you looking washed out but it can work great if you are after the dramatic look. You need to also remember that each of these hairstyles can also be worn in various ways. This versatility could see you looking different every day.

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