Best Food For Fashion Models

It is common knowledge that the life of a model needs to be one that keeps them as thin as is possible and for this reason they need to consume a very low calorie diet to keep their curves to a minimum. The kinds of foods that models need to eat include fruit, vegetables fish and other low fat or lean meats. If the majority of a model’s diet consists of fruit and vegetables instead of high fat meats or carbs they are sure to keep their weight down to a level accepted by this, a very strict industry. The point is that these may sound quite bland and boring but if they are prepared creatively they are amazing. Take a delicious piece of salmon. When we say steamed it doesn’t really come over as appealing but add a dash of honey and lemon, enter fabulous. A simple addition to turn bland into grand and if this is done in addition to the right spices you are home free. Who doesn’t just love a delicious Greek salad with its flavorful feta and olives and with a bit of balsamic or apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil (mind the amount you use) and some herbs and spices you can whip up a delicious salad dressing that doesn’t need to contain as many calories as the store bought versions that really pack a punch in terms of fat content.

Lemon is an absolute wonder in the world of staying slim, giving great flavor to anything it is used in. Eggs are surprisingly filling and low cal too and can be incorporated into any meal of the day. Something that more and more models are hyping about is green juice. This mixture generally consists of kale, cucumber, spinach and celery to make it a powerful mix in terms of nutrient richness. You get all of the nutrition without all of the added calories. Nuts as a snack are also a great idea but keep some limits to how much of these you enjoy as they are quite loaded with calories but these all come from good fats. Another amazing fat is found in avocados, another thing that should be part of a model’s diet.

After all of these great options you need to practice very strict portion control or you could easily fall into the trap of eating too much. One little trick is to fill up on vegetables in the event that you feel hungry. Due to the fact that vegetables are naturally low in calories you can indulge in them without doing too much damage. In the end it is all about a perfect balanced diet to ensure you eat from all food groups but do it in such a way that you can still have the occasional slice of pizza, chocolate or scoop of ice cream without packing on the pounds. When you are surrounded by the amazing models at Boon Models you are sure to pick up a few of their healthy eating habits.

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