Best Dressed Party Guest

Parties are really fun and we love being dressed to a T when attending one, especially if an ex is part of the guest list, right (there is no better revenge than showing someone you are better and better off without them)? You want to make a huge impression and you want to feel great but what to wear?

The choices are many and you have no idea how you will ever be able to choose. If you are one of the models signed at Boon Models you don’t have to choose as there are specialists that will quickly figure out what will suit you best. Unfortunately we don’t all have access to a glam squad so we need to figure it out for ourselves.

After a quick glimpse at what people are wearing and seeing what the celebs are being seen in at the big fancy dos you will soon realize that the styles are not uniform in any way. Anything from rompers to short skirts or dresses and long flowing dresses was worn with pride and it is easy to see why. The stunning people donning these outfits know how to wear anything and look amazing doing so but us, being the wee folk that we are, have to guard against an outfit wearing us as we do not necessarily have the big personality to pull it off.

Strangely, along with the dazzle and reds we are also seeing a lot of navy but they look best in shiny, rich fabrics like your velvets and silks. Velvet is a particularly good choice for this season’s parties due to it being a thicker, warmer fabric, ideal for cooler weather.

Showing skin need not look cheap but you can add a bit of heat to your outfit by showing a bit more leg or cleavage in a stylish way. Wine red is also a great color that suits most but it also adds to the warm and cozy feel we are after in winter months. Reminding strongly of Gluhwein (a red German spice wine) we can be forgiven if we turn to wine for the remainder of the evening after an encounter with the color alone.

Peek-a-boo parts in dresses and blouses boast sheer fabrics to add a dash of softness to a ladylike yet steamy outfit whether it is worn with a jacket, trouser, skirt or on its own. Sheer and any lacy fabric can do a lot for an outfit and you can create a completely new feel to something plain by incorporating something sheer into something old.

It isn’t a good idea to go out and spend a whole lot of your hard earned cash on something you will only wear once in our economic climate but apart from buying something you can use over and over you can give an old item a new lease on life by getting creative. Who knows, you may be a closet Coco Chanel before you know it and you never would have known if you didn’t try it.

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