Are You the Next Beauty Vlogging Sensation?

With so many different platforms for creativity making their way into the Internet mainstream these days, you could be forgiven for losing track. However, when it comes to fashion and beauty, recent years have spelt the dawning of a new era, with ‘vlogging’ gaining more and more credibility. Therefore, if you are an aspiring make-up artist, hair stylist or fashion guru then you really do need to know what this is all about.

 Here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in Tampa, New York and DC), we are constantly being alerted to emerging talent, especially in the fashion and beauty sectors. Therefore, we know full well the importance of sharing your skills online and seeing as vlogging ultimately gives your viewers the best insight into your skills and personality (due to the fact they can watch your uploaded video clips on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo) we think it is one of the best ways to achieve success and outreach in the modern world.

 So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to becoming the next vlogging sensation? We are here to reassure you that you do.

 Creating your own video blog (‘vlog’) is open to anyone that feels that they have a passion for something or have ideas that they are bursting to share. Furthermore, if you’re able to picture yourself as the viewer and envisage what their specific needs might be (i.e. a hair style for a specific party or perhaps appropriate make-up for a wedding) then your entrepreneurial skills are more up to scratch than you might think.

 But don’t you need to possess a certain a set of skills and experience to host your own show online?

 Not necessarily. All you truly need is a down-to-earth personality that viewers can relate to. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to have hosted a television show before by any means. You just need to allow your passion to shine through and manifest itself in some really well thought out, easy to follow instructions that people can follow on your chosen subject. Imagine you are their best friend sitting there with them, helping them to get ready for an event or party and you’re on the right track.

 How do you get started with making the videos?

 There are a vast range of ways that you can get started when you’re putting together your vlogging channel, ranging all the way from your webcam (for the slightly less professional/laid back approach) to a professional digital SLR camera set up with proper background and lighting. This obviously all depends on your situation in life but our main tip for you – especially if you are sharing hair and make-up tips – is to try and light the room well enough so that viewers can see exactly what you’re doing. Otherwise the whole point of your show is fairly redundant.

 Once you start to progress a bit further there are further editing options available to you, such as Final Cut Pro, but again, if you choose to start out doing one shot takes then that is your prerogative.

 As far as uploading and starting your channel is concerned, we would highly recommended established platforms such as previously mentioned YouTube and Vimeo. You can personalize these channels fairly easily and have the reassurance that they guarantee a certain amount of traffic already. However, if you have the resources to start up your own website, this is no bad thing. In fact, this may work in your favor if you have a catchy title and unique selling point and even go as far as to make you stand out from your counterparts.

 Taking all of these points into consideration, we must underline that you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure from the outset because your approach to your videos will inevitably grow and develop if you listen to the valued feedback that you will obtain from your followers.

 So how do I share this with people and gain the necessary feedback to make improvements?

 This almost seems like such an obvious question in this day and age but just to be sure to remember: Social Media, Social Media, Social Media… Shall we say it again? SOCIAL MEDIA.

 Basically, if you don’t have them already, you need to get yourself a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Vines account pronto. You should also be mindful to match the names of these as closely as possible to yourself and your chosen field i.e ‘Amy’s Make-Up’ (as generic as that is, it gets across the point simply and effectively).

 As we’ve previously stated in social media articles, these tools are absolutely essential to your development as a vlogger and without them you are putting yourself under unnecessary strain and way behind other vloggers who are uploading tweets, Facebook updates, pins and Vine clips more than ten times a day. Commitment is definitely the word here and we would advise any up and coming vloggers out there to adopt this approach from the outset.

 In terms of feedback, keep an eye on your comments section and responses to tweets and other social media outlets. There could be some really valuable feedback there for you to take on board. However, always bare in mind that sometimes bad feedback isn’t worth noting if it has come from an ‘Internet troll’ or someone who is putting unnecessary hate out there into the world. They are probably just jealous so don’t give them the time of day by responding to them. In the words of Taylor Swift: ‘The haters gona hate’ and you can just leave them to it whilst you flourish in your up and coming vlogging career.

 How should I go about choosing topics for my vlogs / videos?

 This really isn’t something we can specifically advise on, apart from to say that you should try and hone in on a unique point that you think needs addressing – that can’t be found easily elsewhere. For example, is there a gap in the market in any particular style of applying make-up or hair styling? Exclusivity (in terms of subject matter) is definitely a great way in, but not necessarily a deal breaker if you have found a way to share your passion for your subject in a way that is appealing to others.

 Our main advice to you is to follow your heart. Any of you out there have the potential to be great vloggers and as long as you follow this basic platform of advice nailed, then you will have the potential to do amazing things and watch your followers grow into the thousands.

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