Annie Leibovitz Shares Iconic ‘Hollywood’ Vanity Fair Cover

This is definitely one for all you photographers out there. Oh yes, every year the extraordinary, world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz steps up to photograph the year’s rising stars for the Vanity Fair ‘Hollywood’ issue, which this year sees it’s 21st edition take on what editor Graydon Carter has described as a ‘British Invasion’. There isn’t an photographer or modeling agency in NYC – or across the world for that matter – who isn’t aware of Annie’s unequivocal talent and amongst her other work, this magazine cover has now become something of a yearly beacon for us all to look forward to. Especially since she has photographed every single cover since 1995 (with the exception of three).

It isn’t hard to see why ‘British Invasion’ is a description so remarkably fitting for this particular cover, with stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, David Oyelowo, Sienna Miller and Felicity Jones taking center stage. However, there are also the very note-worthy additions of incredibly talented American actors such as Amy Adams, Channing Tatum and Reese Witherspoon, who could never be discounted due to their remarkable contributions to film this year in movies such as Wild, Foxcatcher and Big Eyes.

Much in the style of traditional Hollywood (and previous Vanity Fair covers) the actors and actresses are adorned with the crème de la crème of high-end fashion, with the men coveting classic silk tuxedos and the women dressed in breath-taking red and golden gowns. Here I must draw particular attention to style-maven Sienna Miller who’s Kempner NYC jumpsuit is not only a step away from convention, but also absolutely exquisite. A definite essential for any of you ladies out there who are lucky enough to get hold of one when it hits boutiques in August 2015.

Of the shoot itself, Anne Leibovitz spoke of a ‘hair-raising’ intimacy’ which she created by bringing the camera in really closely on her subjects. This is definitely not an approach that any old photographer would be able to adopt but Annie has built herself the reputation as undoubtedly one of the best – if not the best – photographers in the world, especially due to the fact she is one of the only people to have officially photographed the Queen of England. For those of you aspiring photographers out there, let this be a benchmark of inspiration for you. Annie Leibovitz has certainly proven that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself and believe in your own talent.

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