A Step-by-Step Guide to Sultry Make-Up

In case you hadn’t noticed ‘sex sells’ and this is ever so prominent in the way that designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy portray themselves on the catwalk with more and more black tones and leather textures making their way into their collections – not to mention Dolce & Gabbana’s signature ‘lace up’ corset, which is always incorporated into their repertoire in some way.

But with all this focus on the clothes, have you ever stopped to think about the make-up and the right products required to pull off the sultry look? Well, there has never been a more important time to get this nailed with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week just around the corner (taking place from 12-19th February) and here at Boon Models (one of the top NYC modeling agencies out there) we have put together a comprehensive list of make-up tips to keep you looking smoking hot at all times.

According to our resident make-up experts, there is a new way to do sleek and sultry and this is represented in the style of 1970s luxury. So we’re talking bronzed skin and smoky eyes, all put together with a contemporary twist…


As we’ve just made clear, your job is to keep your complexion looking ‘sun-kissed’. This means pulling out your best foundation and then finishing with your most trusted bronzer. Be sure to give those brows some attention too by making them look as bushy as you possibly can.


Sultry make-up is all about the eyes. Therefore, you should make sure you have your best, most dramatic tools at the ready. If you need any help with this we couldn’t recommend anyone more than MAC – the epitome of sultry-chic make-up.

For your eye shadow you should stick to darker, browner tones and our resident experts have even advised adopting the ‘blend and stretch’ technique, wherein you blend your chosen color all around the eye socket and then sweep outwards towards the temple. This will be much easier if you don’t go too dark but that choice is down to you.

We really want to focus on definition here so a black pencil liner is essential to establish your lower lid and give more shape to the eye. And then comes the all important lash, at which point you should pull out your most dramatic plumping, lifting, extending mascara and give it all you’ve got with at least two coats.


There has never been a better pairing than a bold eye matched with a nude lip to inspire your inner ‘sultry sun-kissed goddess’. Therefore you should be sure to find the best matte nude lipstick you can get your hands on and carefully apply a liberal coating. As we’ve previously stated your chances of keeping this from smudging are greatly improved by blotting and then reapplying. You should also try to avoid eating anything that will stain your lips as this is not a great look when you’re trying to impress!

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