A Step-by-Step Guide to Military-Inspired Make-Up

A Step-by-Step Guide to Military-Inspired Make-Up

To all of you men out there reading this, you’d better watch out: There is a new breed of ‘Power Woman’ on the loose and she is dressed head to toe in Balmain. Well, not just Balmain, there’s also Burberry, Chanel, Givenchy… Basically all of the key players in the fashion design industry are getting in on the new breed of military inspiration which has spread all the way from our clothes to our slicked back hair and now even our make-up. This will also, no doubt, be prominently displayed on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week (taking place from 12-19th February 2015).

But what does this mean for our make-up? Don’t worry, Boon Models (one of the prominent up-and-coming New York modeling agencies) have got you covered with a list of all you need to know about the latest military make-up trends.


We’re back to paler side of things in the complexion stakes, so be sure to have your trusted CC cream and matte powder at the ready. Once you have applied both of these then be sure to get your brows looking as bushy as possible, almost thinking in terms of a soldier who is trying to remain camouflaged.


Cheeks have their own category when it comes to military-inspired make-up because the dramatic definition is such an important part for your look. The ‘Balmain Army’ cannot march without their trusted soldiers looking at their most ferocious. Therefore, you should invest in a great contour kit and an earthy blush. Then apply both of these very carefully and precisely in order to get your cheekbones pointing in the direction of your lips. This adds such a strong element of drama and is absolutely on-point when it comes to up-to-the-minute make-up styling.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that your eyes need to be dramatic too when adopting this soldierly look. This is not the case. In fact you should apply a minimal amount of golden shadow and not apply any eyeliner at all. You should also try and get your hands on a chocolaty-brown mascara that will add a softer edge to the look, whilst at the same time giving your eyes the necessary definition. 


 That’s right you guessed it. The lips are the crowning glory of this look and you will need your fiercest red lipstick and liner at the ready. The experts recommend a softer outline for the lip but for our part we feel that you should feel free to be as experimental as you like. The trick, after all, is to be bold and ready for ‘fashion combat’.

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